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Bread and Roses: A Girdle by Any Other Name is Still a Girdle! NO SPANX YOU!!!!
Sunday, 13 July 2008 12:55
by Jennifer Lynne Ziemann  

Who defines the perfect woman? Men? Hollywood? Insecure women who are uncomfortable in their bodies? God? Sara Blakely? If you answered Sara Blakely, then you are partly right. She’s the creator of a form of torture for women called Spanx.

With their bright red packaging and the tagline, “Don’t worry we’ve got your butt covered”, Sara Blakely is feeding into the myth of the perfect male-perceived female body.

For example, the Slim Cognito Mid-Thigh Body Suit “accentuates your waistline, minimizes your tummy and thighs, lifts your rear, and makes inches seem to disappear!”

That’s not all! It also comes with THE GREAT DIVIDE, (yes, this contraption is actually called that), to help “avoid the flat, uni-butt look that many shapers give your backside.” It literally says that “you won't feel the subtle butt separator, but the natural perky shape won't be lost on those in your wake!”

Throw me a freaking bone here. I can’t believe this. When did women decide they wanted to buy and walk around with their own personal wedgie?

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This is the year 2008 and women are still caught up in reshaping their bodies through artificial devices. Even Hollywood uses Spanx and the stars encourage their use. Tyra Banks, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, and Gwen Stefani all wear Spanx!  
  1. Why don’t they like their natural bodies?
I stress again, this is 2008 not 1950. While speaking to my eighty-eight year old Grandpa the other day about the absurdity of Spanx, he replied, “I thought you women were moving forward, sounds like you are moving backward!” Grandpa, I heartily agree. If he gets it, why doesn’t the modern woman get it?

Why are we moving backward?

It is because our male-dominated society has this contrived version of a woman’s figure. What I found most confusing about Sara Blakely’s success story is how many times it was mentioned that she broke into the mainly MALE-DOMINATED business of feminine hosiery from the back room of her apartment. One day she was wearing her favorite cream-colored pants and she cut the feet out of her hosiery so she could wear open-toed shoes and BAM! Spanx was born.

There is a reason this business is male dominated and that is because the business of body shaping is the definition of the male fantasy woman, i.e. big boobs, tiny waist, perky butt, slim legs. When you understand that you realize that no woman in her right mind should want to further that illusion.

Even Victoria’s Secret’s CEO is a man, Leslie Wexler. Famous for their bras that make you look like a “D” cup instead of your actual very small “B”. Obviously, Leslie is a boob man. Oh and by the way, the Very Sexy Victoria’s Secret bra does indeed shape you into the perfect perky D cup with lots of cleavage although it‘s extremely uncomfortable. Yes, I am ashamed to acknowledge that I too succumbed and bought the Very Sexy bra … and under its fatal influence voted for George W. Bush.

Via the internet and magazines the Spanx myth is fueled by claims that it can get rid of unsightly bulges and minimize your figure by one to two sizes.

Advice from a woman who has become real: If you don’t want unsightly bulges buy and wear clothes that fit you! If you want to minimize your size then exercise and eat healthy!

I do not have unsightly bulges because my clothes fit me. Period. When I went up a pants size, I bought the new size, (ok, after three months of denial!) But the point is, I did embrace me, continued to exercise and eat right and donated the pants that were too small.

No, I am not a Jessica Alba. Do my measurements meet the male fantasy prototype? No! Men do not define what is the perfect woman shape, women do. I have a big butt and small boobs. If pants fit my butt then they are too big for my waist, a constant battle. Sans Spanx Great Divide my butt’s perky shape will not be lost in any wake...haha. My stomach is flat, but that came with sit-ups, yoga and running. I earned it no thanks to Spanx. I am 100% real. Ok, 95%, I love to color my hair.

So the question: What should women do to further advance womanhood? Well, we could throw away our bras and ride bare naked on a horse down Main Street shouting, “FREE WOMEN EVERYWHERE!” Ok, a little extreme.

This is what I would expect such a smart businesswoman and philanthropist as Sara Blakely to promote: be true to your size, love it, take care of it, eat right, and exercise.

Here is what I do: I do my very best to love what I am…small boobs, big butt, all of it. You know what else, I find one thing a week that I love and say it out loud with my female friends and they do it too. Last week it was my feet, the week before my eyes, before that… well, ladies you get it, right?
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AlexB said:

Victoria`s Secret models rule the world of modeling.
After the Brazilian Fashion Show everybody went wild with the appereance of one of the models. she is considered an angel with a dark side, but i hope that her dark side won`t come out now. I found out about her eating passion at http://www.projectweightloss.com!
July 17, 2008
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