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Four Days in Iraq: And this Means the Surge is Working?
Tuesday, 27 November 2007 10:35
by Larry C. Johnson

If fourteen car and roadside bombs in four days is your idea of success then I give up. You should immediately sign up for the Joe Lieberman fantasy tour. While you are at it, keep those eyes on the skies because I bet the rapture is imminent. (Please remember to tell Joe that since he is a Jew that Jesus will not be favorably disposed to catch him up with the rest of the saved. Unless he accepts Jesus he is getting left behind, no matter how deeply he believes things are swell in Iraq.)

Yes it is true that the level of violence is down in Iraq. But that is like saying that the explosions on Omaha Beach were not as bad as the fire bombing of Dresden. Truth is no sane person would want to be in either locale.

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We also need to be honest with ourselves. If we were experiencing one terrorist bombing a day in America would Bush or any member of Congress have the balls to tell the American people that things are better? Would that be considered a tolerable state of affairs. If you have a shred of intellectual honesty you know that the answer is not only “no”, but “No Way in Hell”.

So what happened in Iraq over the last four days? (I am referring to the period starting Friday, 23 November thru Monday, 26 November.) You can follow the links to the icausalties.org news archive page and read the reports for yourselves.
Friday, 23 November 2007

Five bombings that kill 37 people across Iraq and 32 shot or murdered in sectarian violence.

Al-Qaida hijacks Iraqi Humvees and kills 18 U.S. backed Sunnit fighters in southern Baghdad

Bomb Kills 13 at Baghdad Pet Market

Eight decomposed bodies found in Kut

Bomber strikes police checkpoint in northern Iraq killing 13

Three bodies with signs of torture pulled from the Tigris

Gunmen on a motorbike kill doctor in Kut

Manager of a grain company kidnapped

Car bomb kills two worshippers in Jurf Al Sakhar (south of Baghdad)

Iraqi school guard, wife beheaded as children watch

Cholera spreads in Baghdad

Two suicide car bombs kill nine people in Mosul
Saturday 24 November 2007

Three Bombs and one mortar killed 25 while 8 executed in sectarian attacks.

Mortar fire kills 1 Iraqi, wounds 2 at military base in Balad

6 bodies found in Baghdad on Friday

Roadside bomb wounds 2 in central Baghdad

Policemen’s body found in Tuz Khurmato

Roadside bomb kills 3 policemen near Samarra

21 killed in Mosul bomb atttacks

Two bodies showing signs of torture found in Falluja
Sunday 25 November 2007

Three bombings kill 10 and wound more than 20 and 25 Iraqis are murdered in sectarian violence.

Five bodies found in Baghdad

Car Bomb Kills 9 in Baghdad

Al Qaeda kills at least 10 neighborhood police in southern Baghdad

Roadside bomb wounds 2 civilians, Iraqi soldier killed in Northern Baghdad

Gunmen kill guard in eastern Mosul

Roadside bomb wounds 6 people in Mosul

Al-Qaeda group kills nine abducted officers
Monday 26 November 2007

Three bombs kill two, wound dozens and 20 more Iraqis are killed in sectarian attacks.

3 bodies found in Mosul

Roadside bomb kills 1, wounds another in Mosul

Suicide truck bomb kills 1 Iraqi soldier, wounds 5 others southwest of Kirkuk

Gunmen kill 1 man, wound another in Hilla (south of Baghdad )

Gunmen kill policeman in Kut (southeast of Baghdad )

Roadside bomb wounds 2 people in southern Baghdad

Gunmen murder 11 family members of Iraqi journalist in east Baghdad

4 Bodies found in Baghdad ,
Oh, and how about that political progress. These stories tell it all:
Political Progress:

11/26/07 AFP : Iraq Kurds defy Baghdad on oil deals

The autonomous Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq defied Baghdad on Monday, vowing to sign more contracts with international oil firms despite the national government’s opposition.

11/26/07 Reuters: U.S. and Iraq agree on talks for future relationship

The United States and Iraq have agreed to start formal negotiations next year about the future relationship of the two countries, including the size and role of American forces, the White House said on Monday.

11/26/07 timesonline: American-backed killer militias strut across Iraq

A 50% cut in car and roadside bombs, shootings and rocket and mortar attacks since June has brought hope that some of the 5m Iraqis driven from home may soon be able to go back. Yet many…are too frightened of the new militias and the ethnic cleansers

11/25/07 LATimes: Baath reform spurs uproar in Iraq parliament

Reforms that would ease curbs on former members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath party rejoining Iraq’s civil service and military appeared headed for legislative gridlock after attempts today to read a draft bill in parliament disintegrated…

11/26/07 AP: Iraqi Shiites denounce draft legislation

Shiite legislators on Monday denounced a draft bill to ease curbs on ex-Saddam Hussein loyalists in government services, dampening hopes of progress for the U.S.-backed legislation aimed at promoting national reconciliation.
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