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Our dreadful involvement in the American Afghanistan atrocity
Monday, 29 October 2007 11:21
by Ingmar Lee

Can there be anybody out there who is not sickened by the ongoing American attack, invasion, occupation, torture, rape and massacre of Iraq and Afghanistan? And can there be anyone who is not shocked by their repetitive ramp-up rhetoric for even more warmongering – and on an exponentially more dangerous scale- as can be heard in the current frantic tattoo on Iran? And is there anybody out there who is not totally ashamed and alarmed by Canada's grovelling complicity in this utter catastrophe?  

Canada is sucked into the American Global War on Terror (GWOT) mainly because our power elite, contrary to the views of the majority, share the Bush administration's Neocon capitalist ideology for the world. Americans see themselves as the greatest epitome of the human race, and are therefore entitled to control and consume the world's resources. Canada's "New Government" is inexorably integrating us into that maw. If Canada did not pipeline away energy resources southward at the cheap rate that it does, or try to sell oil for real money on the international market like Iran and Iraq did, we too would be immediately branded as terrorists and invaded. We should be embarrassed and outraged by how cheap Canada has been sold out.

The Neocon's (example: Stephen Harper) would have us believe that the GWOT is about a fanatical religious ideology which recruits ranks of "unlawful combatant" suiciders around the world because "they hate our freedoms." Of course, nobody signs up for suicide because of an ideology, but it's easy to understand what motivates a suicide bomber. Just imagine (it's easy if you try) yourself sitting at home one evening, surrounded by your loving family. Schaaaaack!!  You are splattered with the body parts of your children. Some fat, lazy video-terminal, push-button warrior has launched a surgical strike with precision weaponry from and airconditioned kiosk half a world away.

You will now strap on a bomb-belt and go looking for the biggest crowd of Americans you can find. And you will spend every subsequent moment of your existence focussed entirely on your vengeance. More terror always motivates more retaliation, and more of humanity is terrorized by American violence than by any other. People around the world now view those who serve the American military behemoth, in whatever capacity, as nothing but volunteer terrorists. The ultra-belligerent activities of the USA military are spawning ranks upon ranks of avengers which no amount of force can ever defeat.

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There is no humanitarian agenda in Afghanistan which can be achieved by Canadian submission to American aggression. Our abstention from the spiralling American atrocity in Iraq notwithstanding, yet Canada is suckered deep into America's vortex of violence. There we are, assaulting the war-exhausted people of Afghanistan alongside, and in subordination to, the world's most violent terrorist organization. What the heck are we doing in Afghanistan, anyone should ask, especially those Canadians of us who are over there doing the killing and the dieing. If a genuine concern for human rights is the justification, why aren't we rushing over to Burma to help in their hour of need as well? As Peace-Keepers, the Canadian military may once have had something useful to offer the people of Afghanistan, or the innumerable desperate others around the world. We were once respected, and depended on as Peace-keepers. It is shameful to me that Canada's once-proud military now takes orders from, and dutifully prostrates itself to the American agenda.

Let's face it, the USA is going down. All this warmongering is their final petulant tantrum, and they may take us all down with them. We've had all this hype recently about the strength of the Canadian dollar, when it's the US buck that's crashing. The USA buck is the defacto global oil-transaction currency, China owns 40% of the US debt, and keeps $8 billion US on hand for the purpose of buying oil. When China cashes in their stock of what is now basically green, ink-stained paper for real money, such as the Euro, the USA economy will collapse. At $8 trillion (that's with 12 zeros!) in the red and counting, the USA is the world's largest debtor nation. They've got virtually no oil themselves and they're hopelessly addicted. They might be fat and spoiled now, but the writing's on the wall for all to see. Their country is run by imbecilic oiligarchs who are clearly aware of the depleted state of the world's oil stocks, and being unable to compete anymore in the global marketplace, they are taking the spoils by force.

There can be no honour or pride in being subordinate to the worlds most violent and deranged terrorist organization, but in Afghanistan, General Rick Hillier and the Canadian military take orders from Americans. The presence of all this military aggression has brought no benefit whatsoever to the Afghan people, nor brought any stability of any kind to the region. That's why I appreciate the UVSS powerful and courageous message to the warmongering recruiters to just fuck right off. If there are UVic students who are stupid enough to sign up for the American GWOT, they can find the recruitment office by themselves. We don't need these idiotic warmongers on this campus, which ostensibly, is a place where people strive for higher learning.

Ingmar Lee has travelled across Afghanistan, where its people have successfully repulsed repeated invasions of belligerents throughout its history. Ingmar can be reached through his website:  www.ingmarlee.com 
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RG said:

the writer above needs to spend some time in Afghanistan. I recently returned from there and I saw a completly different country than the writer. A country that has hope, I saw people working together for the first time on projects to build up their communities. It's not perfect yet, but it's got a good start. RG
October 24, 2008
Votes: +1


Fuck you Ingmar Lee, we participated in the inital invasion of Afghanistan because 24, read 24, Canadians died at ground zero on September 11, 2001. if there is no humanitarion agenda in Afghanistan then why the fuck are Canadians leading the Provincial reconstruction efforts in Kandahar province, and the Canadian Forces isnt just a Peacekeeping Military, Canadian Soldiers DO sometimes kill, and the Canadian Military is a VOLUNTEER military so if someone is in then chances are that they are ok with being in, the Canadians are regarded as some of THE best soldiers in the world, you really need to do your homework on the GWOT and espessially on Afghanistan
November 03, 2008
Votes: +2


In your Response you said that Canada has nothing to offer, FUCK THAT SHIT, what about the women that can walk around their city and work, or the little girls that can now go to school, something neither could do under the Taliban Government, also the Americans are NOT in command of the southern region, the Dutch are. You also said that nothing will change, read about the Women and Children in Afghanistan, your remark about more Canadians dying yes you are probably right, but we are there for a good cause, contrary to what you say. FUCKER, you also stated that someone will bite the bullet and bring all those losers home, you are a FUCKING SON OF A BITCH, in you saying that you have offened all Canadian Forces personnal and their families, because of our involvement in Afghanistan you said makes you asshamed to be Canadian, well i can guarantee this, ALL Canadian Soldiers are FUCKING Proud to Canadian,read these quotes, THE GREATEST SUPPORTERS OF PEACE ARE THOSE WHO HAVE SWORN TO RISK THEIR LIVES IN SUPPORT OF IT, GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN THAN THIS THAT HE LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIENDS, IF YOUR NOT PREPARED TO FIGHT FOR FREEDOM BE PREPARED TO LOSE IT, FREEDOM IS THE SURE POSSESSION OF THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR IT, ROUGH MEN STAND READY IN THE NIGHT TO VISIT VIOLENCE ON THOSE WHO WOULD DO US HARM, FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE IT ALWAYS COME AT THE HIGHEST PRICE WE CAN ASK FOR. You say you are ashamed to be Canadian, THEN GO BACK TO YOUR OWN FUCKING COUNTRY THEN
November 03, 2008
Votes: +1


HAHAHAHAHA, what a fucker, the Americans didnt CREATE the Taliban (known as the mujahideen then)but you are right the CIA did supply them, and if you dont respect the Military that protects you then you a fucking idiot and should go fuck yourself, I AM patriotic and would be proud to serve in the military (and will be joining soon) and Afghanistan i am under 18 so i need my parents permission, and when i am 18 you can bet your ass that i will sign up to go, why because we ARE making a difference there contrary to what you told me im the second response saying that we are making a fucking mess of Afghanistan, you go over their and talk to any Afghan (thats not Taliban or Al-Qaeda) they will tell you that the Canadians are making a difference. the following is the second response to me by Mr. Lee. Gee, narsty fellow you are! Obviously you've never been to Afghanistan, or if you did, everything you saw was through a gunsight. The fuckin Yanks created the Taliban to fight the Russians. They paid them, supplied them, taught them everything they know. I've written quite a bit about that on my website, (www.ingmarlee.com) which, no doubt, you will enjoy. I used to respect the Canadian military, but not any more. If you think the Dutch are calling the shots in southern Afghanistan, then you're an idiot. It's the fat-fuck, push-button, video-terminal trigger-happy Bush-lackey cowards who are making a sickening mess of Afghanistan. This never was a war, -it's attack, invasion, occupation, torture, rape and massacre. If you're all sanctimonious, patriotic and impressed by that, then go fuck yourself.
November 03, 2008
Votes: -1

omer said:

its very
the afghani people not be con improf becuse the are very foolish and backwareded
i thing the afghan people cant improfment in the fuchure
the are be dead
December 04, 2008 | url
Votes: +1

america...fuckyeah said:

fuck you ingmar
You are one brain dead piece of shit. You think that terrorists will never attack Canada? They showed support for America, like America would show support for them if this situation happend. You are just a fucking pussy who thinks all us Americans do is police the world. From the sounds of it you wouldnt even be welcome in Canada because your such a pansy dipshit. I am in AfSHITistan right now. These people have NOTHING and would have LESS THAN NOTHING if we werent here. Ask any mother fucker here, they are glad the asshole taliban is gone. They are doing the RAPING and PILLAGING and DESTROYING of this country you fucking cunt, not the Coalition. Like someone said up above...fucking kill your self you worthless waste of pro-terrorism piece of dog shit.
March 30, 2009 | url
Votes: +0

judy said:

Wow , above poster is clearly an officer and a gentleman. How nice it must be for womenfolk to be liberated by someone with his sensitive , non-confrontational use of language .
April 01, 2009
Votes: -1

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