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Daily Roundup from Willard Payne (Night Watch Information Service)
Thursday, 25 October 2007 21:40
by Willard Payne

Daily Roundup from Willard Payne (Night Watch Information Service)
DIYARBAKIR - Just one week before Turkey hosts a major international conference in Istanbul, November 1-3, AP reports, according to the private news agency Dogan, F-16s from Turkey’s air force and helicopter gunships are attacking mountain paths along the Turkey-Iraq boder used by Kurdish fighters of the PKK for infiltration. Turkey’s National Security Council is was also scheduled to review the Action Plan offensive today and on Tursday a high level delegation from Baghdad should arrive. Turkey Foreign Minister Ali Babacan stated, “We said that we are Thursday expecting them to come with concrete proposals and otherwise the visit will have no meaning.” The Baghdad government has already shut down the PKK offices. A PKK member, Captain Ziad, said his unit was mobilized in the Kurdish region capital Arbil and they were headed for a base near Dahuk which is just 30 miles from Turkey’s border.
Istanbul - Xinhua reports there will actually be two conferences in Istanbul during the three days. The first two days will be a series of meetings between Ankara and senior officials from governments listed in the linked article and representatives of the United Nations Security Council, the Organization of Islamic States and the Arab League. The timing of the conference is no coincidence. Ankara will use it to show its close strategic relations with Teheran since both governments agree on every regional theatre from Southeast Europe to South Asia. Ankara intends for World War III to accomplish the same objectives as Teheran, defeat NATO, remove the U. S. -Europe military presence from West Asia and help Pakistan experience its best war. On November 3 will be a conference on Iraq and I suspect right afterward or even during the conference Ankara would have begun its Action Plan offensive.
Harbin - Xinhua reports Russia-China-India held their seventh Trilateral Meeting of Foreign Ministers since 2002. The meeting today was held in Harbin, China between China Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, India Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. It is quite possible Mukherjee and Lavrov will mention to Jiechi the serious miliary cooperation between Delhi-Moscow to prevent any military successes against India. November last year Beijing’s Ambassador to Delhi announced northeast India-Arunachal Pradesh is Chinese territory. That is the same area China attacked India for one month in October 1962. The fighting extended south into Assam state bordering the Bay of Bengal and afterward India fired its Defense Minister. Recently India has been strengthening its defenses there and stated there will be no repeat of 1962.

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