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Preparing the Environment for War
Thursday, 13 September 2007 11:05
by Larry C. Johnson

We are going to war with Iran and the campaign is underway. The military acronym is OPE. It means, “Operational Preparation of the Enviornment”. The first step is to persuade the American people that Iran is attacking and killing our soldiers. The Bush Administration is calculating (correctly in my view) that this justification will allow them to bomb Iranian targets without fear of Congressional interference. What politician in their right mind is going to argue that the United States should not punish those who are killing U.S. soldiers? Hell, even Barack Obama is on this bandwagon.

Forget that it is a disingenuous twisting of the facts. While it is true Iran is wielding enormous influence in Iraq among the various Shia factions, it is not the major force funding or directing insurgent groups. They do not have to rely on violence because they are achieving their objectives through intelligence and diplomatic efforts. The idea that the current Iraqi government is turning against Tehran is utter nonsense. Moreover, must of the insurgent action directed against U.S. forces has come from the Sunni side, not the Shia side.

Here’s the latest in the propaganda campaign:

General Davey Petraeus warned on Monday:
the flow of Iranian weapons into Iraq has increased but that Iranian Quds force trainers had withdrawn.

“It appears that that is increasing and we do not see a sign of that abating,” Petraeus said of weapons flows, citing increased attacks by one type of roadside bomb technology and rockets that U.S. military officials link to Iran.
Jon Stewart’s Daily Show masterfully captured the nonsense spewing from Petraeus, who used statistics collected with questionable methodology to parrot policy points that George Bush has been spouting for four months.

We were told for months setting a timeline or deadline would hurt the troops, yet Petraeus and Bush are announcing a timeline for withdrawal this week.

We are told that we cannot predict when the U.S. presence in Iraq will come to an end but, by God, Petraeus can tick off the precise negative consequences if the United States withdraws from Iraq. And all of this is being spun against the backdrop of the “growing threat from Iran”.

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Then there is good old reliable Faux News advising that the bombing plan is being prepped:

A recent decision by German officials to withhold support for any new sanctions against Iran has pushed a broad spectrum of officials in Washington to develop potential scenarios for a military attack on the Islamic regime, FOX News confirmed Tuesday. . . .

Political and military officers, as well as weapons of mass destruction specialists at the State Department, are now advising Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that the diplomatic approach favored by Burns has failed and the administration must actively prepare for military intervention of some kind. Among those advising Rice along these lines are John Rood, the assistant secretary for the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation; and a number of Mideast experts, including Ambassador James Jeffrey, deputy White House national security adviser under Stephen Hadley and formerly the principal deputy assistant secretary for Near Eastern affairs.
And let’s not forget the Freedom Watch commercials that are repeating the disgusting lie that Iraq and Al Qaeda and 9-11 are the same threat. As with any propaganda, you repeat the lie enough and it will eventually be accepted as true.

I sat by during the lead up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq and did nothing. Not this time. George Bush must not be allowed to take this country into a new and more devastating war. A new preemptive war of choice with Iran will jeopardize the security of this nation.
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a guest said:

For anyone who remembers their Dr. Strangelove...
Fans of Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb will recall that the "recall code" for General Jack Ripper's squadron of Strategic Air Command B-52's was (according to Col. Mandrake) "OPE or POE" (Purity of Essence). How frighteningly appropriate...
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