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Liberals Patronize the Poor
Friday, 03 August 2007 21:26
by Edward Strong

Fuck the "Do-Gooders" - Perpetuating Exploitation

How do you feel towards those who want to help you? Who care for your well-being? Who sacrifice themselves for you benefit? Those good liberals and conservatives who do charity work for the poor and under-privileged. Bake a cake for the destitute.

Send a Christmas present to the suffering children of Iraq. You know the type. Patronizing, condescending wimps who salve their consciences by praying to God and giving to charity. These are the people I hate most. The privileged kill with their kindness.

This Is Why the Bourgeoisie Are Still the Ruling Class

Those in favor of globalization please raise your hands! Does this include you? If it does there is good reason to believe that you are indeed a bourgeois romantic. What is a bourgeois romantic and why should you care?

In the era of globalization, bourgeois romantics serve as the propellants of international corruption while operating under an altruistic façade. The ingenuity of the bourgeois romantic paradigm is that the individual is often unaware that he/she falls into the category at all. As of late, bourgeois romanticism has evolved as a social trend. Hollywood stars, politicians, NGO workers and civilians of all sorts propagate the system fully unaware of its adversary effects.

Its popularity stems from its appeasement of both liberal “hippie” movements and corporate/political interests. Liberals and Conservatives are both subject to its seduction. So what truly defines a bourgeois romantic? And what are the tell-tale signs that you might be one? Let us take a look at the definition a little more thoroughly.

Bourgeois romantics are liberals who emphasize free market methods in lieu of a better global civil society. They envisage a global market composed of different ethnicities and cultures in which all will be able to trade and share resources in a mutually beneficial manner. They are the CEOs who give a portion of their profit to Southern aid programs.

They are the corporate industrialists who argue modernity and technology will enhance Southern economies.

They are even the so-called “humanitarians” that coerce third world markets into the global market arena promising to ameliorate mass poverty.

They are everywhere. They exist in all forms, colors, professions, religions and political spheres.

In short, a bourgeois romantic is a hypocritical capitalist: one whose intentions are socialist but whose priorities are capitalist. They are the “good intentioned” proponents of free trade. What they refuse to acknowledge is that free trade is anything but free. Although it allows the global North free market range, it leaves the global South in shackles.

Free trade is a modern euphemism for unrestricted global capitalism. We call it free trade when national and corporate interests unite to increase their profit margin while simultaneously manipulating international trade pacts. We call it free trade when established institutions like the IMF or World Bank, whose sole purpose is to aid the poorest of nations, operate under the biases of wealthy nations.

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