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Tillman's Revenge
Wednesday, 01 August 2007 12:56
by Allen L. Roland

The execution and silencing of Pat Tillman could well be the singular event which will lead to the downfall of the Cheney/Bush crime syndicate and their ongoing abuse of power - as such, the poster boy for Bush's war could well become the poster boy for Bush's demise.
- Allen L Roland

The American people can reluctantly go along with the Bush administration's WMD charade in justifying its attack of Iraq and even their Katrina response fiasco but it will unequivocally not go along with the deliberate execution of Pat Tillman because he was about to go public with his misgivings about Bush's photo op war with Iraq.

Tillman will get his revenge when Congress reopens the investigation of Tillman's death and it should be sooner than later ~ for this will be the singular event which could well lead to the downfall of the Cheney/Bush crime syndicate and their ongoing abuse of power.

As such, Pat Tillman who was the poster boy for Bush's war could ironically become the poster boy for Bush's downfall.

Consider this, Tillman was deeply troubled by the war. In fact, he was overheard speaking out about the Iraq invasion and telling another soldier to vote for Kerry. The Progressive Review reveals that Tillman's favorite author was none other than Norm Chomsky. A visit with Chomsky was set up for as soon as Tillman returned. It seem most likely he was planning to speak out loudly and publicly against the war when his tour was over.

Step in, Billy Perry, Paratrooper-Rifleman with the 101st Airborne Division during the TET Offensive in 1968 to explore the technical aspect of how Tillman's injuries may or may not have been executed;

" NOBODY, 'cept Superman, can hold an automatic weapon steady enough to deliver a shot group onto somebody's forehead, on full automatic, further than 1 foot away. If there is a "shot group", then the shots were administered on "semi", and Tillmann was dead after the 1st shot, and his head was held steady, for shots #2, & #3 " ( PROBABLY AGAINST THE GROUND )

But here is the zinger ~ Tillman kept an extensive journal since he was 16 and guarded it with his life. A journal in which I am sure he shared his deep reservations about what he was seeing and experiencing in the middle east.Two days after his death, the journal, along with almost all of his other personal affects, disappeared.

Why is this an important story ? Because, if proven true, it is direct evidence of the lengths these neocon fanatics, who are running our Republic, will go to implement their grand global political design. As such, the planned execution of a prominent dissenter makes it far easier to entertain the possibility of a planned 9/11 event and coverup at the expense of thousands of innocent American lives.

The progressive Internet and media is rightfully circling and smelling blood in the water as witnessed by Keith Olberman's recent short interview of Gen Wesley Clark, on this very same subject - Click here.


Freelance columnist Allen L Roland is available for comments , interviews and speaking engagements ( allen@allenroland.com ) Allen L Roland is a practicing psychotherapist, author and lecturer who also shares a daily political and social commentary on his weblog and website allenroland.com He also guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on www.conscioustalk.net

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a guest said:

You might want to check Stan Goff's comments before you continue to spew

Infantry platoons don’t commit political assassinations, and Pat’s killing was not planned by anyone. This is my absolute and categorical opinion. … and my basic prosecutorial hypotheses remain unchanged… but long-story-short, no conspiracy.

I wonder if all the soldiers in that platoon were actually soldiers. Coming from you, unless your insider knowledge is incontrovertible, your position seems almost naïve. Sorry. smilies/sad.gif

One thought, by the by. I hate all this insider crap. If it wasn’t coming from you, I’d have to say bullshit. It seems to me just another day in empire when the facts cannot be openly stated and openly discussed. Why is that, I wonder? Secrecy seems to begat endless secrecy; the “Secrecy Recursion Jive” seems to be a self-justifying principle. The more it’s used the more it gets used. When, Dear God, will we accept only the facts so we can discuss only the truth? When will we demand the facts as is our right in a world that belongs not just to “them” but to us as well. When?

I wish you’d been able to be forthcoming. I wish, in truth, those to whom you agreed non-disclosure had not asked it of you. I’m sure in the eyes of all concerned their motives are pure and their intentions honourable. For those of us on the “outside,” it seems just another secret on just another day we’re not privy to because we’re not to be trusted by those doling out the invitations to the private screenings.

STAN RESPONDS: I wonder if all the soldiers in that platoon were actually soldiers. No, the Black Ops folks always hire 20-year-olds (one member of the shooter vehicle was 19!), and put them in deep cover — which they study between playing video games and sharing high school lies.

The task organization of the platoon that placed that particular vehicle, with those particular troops, in this situation… with Pat exactly where he was… was decided on an ad hoc basis, less than an hour before it happened, after an all day delay, caused by a busted vehicle. The decision was made by a 1st Lieutenant (was he in on it), and forced on him after an argument by members of the TOC in Khoust (were they all in on it?), and altered at the last minuted by an Afghan jinga truck driver (was he in on it?) who’d been randomly hired in Magarah to tow the broken vehicle on that very day, after consultation between the PLT chain of command (were they all in on it?). Pat’s position was decided by Pat, after being released from an earlier position by an acting squad leader (was he in onit, and did he control Pat’s mind in Pat’s selection of exactly that place in the boonies of Paktia Province?), who was himself sent forward in response to gunfire in a canyon. Did the Black Ops people put the ruts in the road that trashed the hummer that caused the delay that stalled the Blacksheep Platooon in Magarah for more than six hours, where they were sussed out by three part-time guerrillas (were they in on it?) who played their role by staging an ineffectual ambush along a last-minute route determined by the inability of the jinga truck that was towing the busted vehicle to climb through the originally planned (less thanone hour before) wadi?

I love how conspiracy-affines refer to others as “naive,” when they themselves cannot describe the difference between coreelation and causation, and they attach themselves to stories that are only possible in the minds of scriptwriters. Real Black Ops are straightforward affairs, with planning designed to minimize complexity and reduce the number of independent actors and “moving parts”… but that makes a shitty script. But if this is what you want to believe, then we’ll leave you to the Illuminati. In the real world, power has to mobilize such awesome resources on its own behalf precisely because it cannot exercise the kind of control you suggest. No one can.

Is that forthcoming enough?"

August 01, 2007 | url
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