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Tuesday, 10 July 2007 09:55
Untitled Document by Peter Chamberlin

The remaining diehard supporters of Bush/Cheney's neocon war plan want us to follow the president's plan to the bitter end, no matter what. It doesn't matter whether the war is being lost because of "mistakes," or if the current mess is going as planned. Forget about the cost of the "long war"to future generations and the inevitable body count in the millions; as long as America comes out on top, nothing else matters. The world will be "better off" with a few million less Muslim "savages" anyway, right? This is the kind of thinking that is impelling the United States to do the unthinkable to Iran.

It doesn't even matter to true believers in the realm of neocon "morality" that the war of terror and the war in Iraq are being "lost" according to plan Purposefully prolonging the war for political reasons is ok to the neocon mind (the same thing goes for the Afghan war and the easy escape of bin Laden), as long as it has prolonged the war against Islam, the heart of the beloved neocon "clash of civilizations." Victory in Iraq has been within reach for our troops several times; yet the White House was never interested in reaching-out and grabbing it (there really were only 20,000 or less Fedayeen fighters after "major combat ended" as Rumsfeld often claimed). If a few thousand dead and wounded American soldiers is the cost for getting a shot at Iran, then that is an acceptable price in neocon-land. In this line of thinking it would even have been acceptable if someone had helped alQaeda to accomplish the original attacks that forced us into this "beloved war."

How many Americans would support our foreign policy if they knew that it was a plan to unleash genocide against civilians (without concern for the consequences to American soldiers)? How many of us would support Bush and Cheney if they knew that the plan was not to "win" the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq, but to prolong and intensify them in order to use those countries as bases for exporting sectarian warfare to all of their oil-bearing neighbors. Instead of simply fighting the small force of a few thousand radical Islamists who actually attacked us on 9/11, the neocon war plan to remake the entire Middle East was enacted. The "mission" was turned into a monstrous plan aimed at all Islamists, even the non-radical ones. Religion was to be used as a weapon, by turning Islam upon itself. Islamic radicals were armed and trained to function as terrorist combat brigades and death squads in neighboring opponent nations. They carried out brutal attacks and political assassinations within civilian areas, as a method for igniting wars within all of Islam.

This plan is a continuation of America's long-running strategy of using radical Sunni Islamists, who have been trained in advanced terrorist skills by Middle Eastern secret service agencies, under CIA control, to carry-out our foreign policy. Most of these secret "techno-jihadis" have turned against us by now. Some of the main CIA/ISI (Pakistani Secret Services) camps that were in Pakistan's lawless North West Provinces are even alleged to be the same camps that are to be targeted next (except they are now Taliban camps) in the escalating war there.

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In Iraq, our Special Forces have utilized the "El Salvador option," where we have taught some of the same skills (even using some of the same trainers who trained the death squads of El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaraqua) to shadowy militias like the Wolf Brigade. The brigade has primarily targeted Sunni leaders for assassination, as a means to provoke Sunni retaliation upon Shiites (usually massive car bombs), which in turn (it is hoped) will ignite a chain reaction bloodbath. In light of reports coming out of Iraq, claims that covert US-controlled elements were involved in the bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra and the recent bombing of a meeting of Sunni leaders in Baghdad do not seem so far-fetched.

In Palestine, the "Dayton plan" has been arming some of Fatah's (the PLO) most radical elements, while economically strangling democratically-elected Hamas, in order to provoke an anti-Hamas bloodbath. The plan failed (probably only temporarily) when Hamas ousted Fatah from the Gaza strip. In Lebanon, the US ally Hariri and other elements of the "Welch club" carry-out a version of the Dayton plan (actually the Eliot Abrams plan), using shadowy groups of Sunni extremists to start an anti-Hezbollah civil war. Extremists associated with this group or with al Qaeda may have carried out the recent attacks on Spanish UNIFIL forces , or lobbed Katyusha rockets into Israel immediately after Hamas took over Gaza.

The US has been conducting a form of the El Salvador option in Iran. The Iraq-based MEK and Jundallah terrorists (based in Pakistan) have staged attacks in Iranian cities, attempting to spark a religious civil war there. Also in Pakistan, other groups have been murdering Shiites in a similar attempt. In many of these cases, the United has been implicated in the training and funding of terrorists who stage attacks intended to provoke a genocidal regional religious civil war. There is also the dark handiwork of elements within our government and our military who are trotting out "evidence," practically on a daily basis, which is intended to provide political justification for total war with Iran, just in case none of these little conflicts provides the necessary spark for that greatly-desired regional conflict. As if even more devilry were needed, we have kooks like Joe Lieberman and all the insane Republican presidential candidates calling for the war to begin.

UN Special Co-ordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Alvaro de Soto recently resigned his job in protest of the US subordination of that international body to American and Israeli plans which have created more violence in the region. The bounty of secrets recently obtained by the Hamas government in Gaza confirm many of de Soto's claims about the Abbas government working with the American Dayton plan and helping Israel to target Hamas leaders for assassination. Ambassador Bolton has been very effective in deflecting the labels "terrorist" and "genocidal" away from American policies, while simultaneously branding Iran with them. Even though we have used terrorists to promote a genocidal foreign policy, the terms have been narrowly defined to preclude them from being applied to American or NATO actions.

The immediate effect of American attempts to wage total world war upon Iran and to ignite civil war within Islam is that our threats are pushing everyone else into massive rearmament programs that are meant to counter the threat that we obviously represent to them, or to deal with the chaotic violence that our plans have unleashed. Our intimidation tactics to strong-arm political concessions amount to forms of terrorism. These intimidation tactics are creating a virtual bonanza for the American arms industries, which provide all the armaments that the frightened world desires. Our threats to the world are fueling a new global arms race, igniting a new Cold War with Russia, and pushing every nation to think about secretly acquiring nuclear weapons. The altercation developing between Bush and Putin over the proposed Western ABM deployment is bringing the intermediate range Russian nuclear missiles back to Europe, thus abrogating Reagan's vaunted IMF Treaty, the SALT and START treaties, as well as the ABM Treaty. Purposeful intimidation of sovereign nations with the unspoken threat of nuclear annihilation is nuclear terrorism. We are pushing widespread nuclear proliferation, even as we use it as an excuse to wage a campaign of genocide against Iran and all Islamists.

Likewise, our efforts to promote democracy throughout the Muslim world are serving as an excuse for starting these civil wars. We force these weaker Muslim nations to hold the elections that we already know will produce Islamist governments, in order to provide us with "terrorist" (Islamic) governments that we will then have a free hand to bomb to Dick Cheney's black heart's content. But we don't call what we do "terrorism," we call it "diplomacy" or "birth pangs." Regardless of protestations of denial by White House and congressional spokesmen, nearly every facet of our government is being deployed to bring about an unprovoked genocidal nuclear attack upon Iran.

It does not matter one whit to apocalyptic Christians or to the agents of Israeli lobbyists in Congress and the White House that their genocidal war will destroy the global economic order and make the oil fields of the Middle East radioactive for a hundred generations. On the contrary, the nihilistic destruction of all order seems to be the outcome that all of these zealots desire. But if Israel really believes that it will survive this catastrophic war, or that future Zionists will be willing to move to this bloody contaminated wasteland, then they must be as delusional as the rest of these "kool-aid drinkers."

It was this kind of delusional, near-sighted, unrealistic thinking that drew us into the war of terror, to begin with. Five consecutive presidents have drank deeply from this well of delusion, of creating al Qaeda and sponsoring other terrorist groups, to use as mercenaries or proxy forces all over the world, from Kosovo to Egypt and all over the arc of instability. We are asked to believe that our government misjudged their agents' intent when they failed to foresee the attacks of 9/11 and that they were no longer in their employ at that time, even though the attacks were timed precisely with multiple war games which were then being conducted, and the buildings in New York were obviously pre-wired with powerful explosives that were also timed with extreme precision. (If there are any doubters here, just watch the slow-motion videos of the collapsing buildings.

We are asked to believe a lot in this war of terror, that it is a "necessary evil" for us to peacefully surrender our rights and freedoms, to facilitate the search for secret terrorists. Our national media is complicit in all of this, echoing every government claim without question, as is our nation's religious leadership. It has been impossible to find any national leadership willing to question or to oppose the fascist forces seeking to cause global genocide for the sake of US corporate profit. Our trusted leaders sit stone-faced and silent as our military industrial machine bankrupts our economy and destabilizes the world, killing American soldiers and destroying our conventional forces, to maximize profits in the name of patriotism and "defending freedom." If the secret war is promoting the sectarian warfare that is killing a lot of American soldiers (justifying the "surge" sent to contain it), isn't that the same as killing our troops outright?

The purpose of the war was to sow chaos and war as a means to destabilize the entire Middle East, in order to erase the governments and their borders throughout the region (or simply to make the borders porous), opening them up to the same globalist plunder that has been reflected in the Iraqi (American-dictated) "oil law." The same plan is being followed in a somewhat milder form, to destabilize the United States, using economic chaos created by the destruction of America's economic base, to erase our own borders by bringing in a tsunami of illegal immigrants to be used as "cannon fodder" in their war against American workers. The "regime" that they intend to eliminate here is our democratic Constitutional Republic, where they must still answer ultimately to the American people. It is the power of the American people that is targeted by the Democratic-Republican Party for regime change in the United States.

It is this secretive one-party regime, or cabal, which controls all the levers and uses our own government to wage economic and political war against us. The most powerful of these men have held our Nation in their hands for a century or more, while they have consolidated everyone's economic assets into their own hands, hooking us on a system based on debt and inflated currency, issued by their banks. They control the money that controls all things, creating a pyramid-scheme "economy" from which no one can escape. The "one world" system that they are forcing upon us is pushing the genocidal elimination of a large portion of the world's poor, as a means for cutting the costs of doing business on a global scale. The coming North American Union, just like the European Union, is merely a stepping stone to that one world economic order, controlled by international US banks.

This evil regime is carrying out a plot that Hitler himself would have envied. Our elected leaders are not ignorant; they know who they are working for and the moral cost of their servitude. They know that this war has not been fought for the reasons given for it. They know the awful price that Iran and everybody downwind from them shall pay for the sake of making the world safe for Israel and for corporatism. If we kill millions of Iranians outright, in order to save millions of Israelis, would that not still be a "holocaust"? Would an Iranian holocaust negate the near-sacred status now afforded to the Jewish Holocaust? Every human is the same; all have equal worth.

If the "final solution" is to kill the ones whom you believe to be inferior, in order to save the "superior" ones, then how can that be right? If the solution to the "Palestinian problem" is to be attempted genocide, or another forced exodus of the Palestinians, then that is the same ancient formula, that is merely substituting another scapegoat class of people to be treated as sub-human refugees. Cannot the good Jewish people of the world see the bitter irony in supporting Israel's creation of the new myth that Zionists are God's "chosen people," built on the counter-myth that their Arab half-brothers are to be the new wretched class of refugee people, to be discarded like human refuse, as they once were, as the price for creating Greater Israel?

If the American people do not stand-up for the Palestinians, and the Iraqis, and the Iranians, and the Afghans, and all the rest…

If the American people do not protest the de-humanizing of all Muslim people, then what is to prevent us from being de-humanized, as well? If we do not thoroughly discredit the whole concept of American "superiority" and "earned rights" (as opposed to ideas of human equality and inalienable God-given rights), then who will keep us from being labeled "inferior," thus not deserving of our own freedoms and rights, when our own economic security collapses?

Every American must take the time to learn the truth about what is being done in our names. Every patriotic American must open his or her eyes and see the cold hard truth about our leaders that the rest of the world already knows.
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