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Sicko - The Movie in Full - Michael Moore
Saturday, 30 June 2007 16:42


MICHAEL MOORE: Well, I don’t agree with the copyright laws and I don’t have a problem with people downloading the movie and sharing it with people. As long they’re not doing it to make a profit off it, as long as they’re not, you know, trying to make a profit off my labor. I would oppose that. But um, you know I do quite well and I um…I don’t know, I make these books and movies and TV shows because I want things to change, so the more people that get to see them the better, and um, so I’m, I’m happy when that happens, OK? Should I not be happy I don’t know? It’s like if a friend of yours has the DVD of my movie, gave it to you to watch one night, is that person doing something wrong? I’m not seeing any money from that. But he’s just handing the DVD to you so that you can watch my movie. A DVD that he bought, but you’re not buying it, yet you’re watching it without paying me any money. See I think that’s OK, and it’s always been OK, we share things with people. And I think information and art, ideas should be shared.

Download it

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Another Download (avi) 


Download Sicko [722 MB] - (Watch it with the great, free, open source video player VLC or with Google Video Player.) 

Download Bittorrent program here (BitTyrant):


Download 700 mb excellent version of Sicko using BitTyrant here:


Download 4 gig full DVD (screener) ISO using BitTyrant here:

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a guest said:

Thanks Michael! I hope next time you do a movie about our corrupt Judiciary and Child "Protective" Services!

Diane Booth
June 30, 2007 | url
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