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Fear & Loathing in the Conservative Heartland - All Liberals Are Jihadists
Tuesday, 24 April 2007 21:54
by Edward Strong

Even liberals who blame the United States for Islamic aggression profess distress at the horrific phenomenon of Islamic families proudly urging their children to blow themselves up in order to kill infidels.

The thought of Islamic parents subjecting their children to such inhumanity is revolting, but no more than the self-congratulatory piousness of abortion supporters.

For liberals, abortion as a convenient way to deal with the potential consequences of sexual promiscuity.

They strenuously uphold the "right" of any woman, without the slightest recourse to due process of law, to murder her unborn infant. No tears are shed for the innocent life butchered in the abortion process.

Both liberals and jihadists are intent upon furthering a cause. They care not a whit about the lives of their children, who are expendable in the causes of hedonism or political power.

Jihadists claim to be following the Koran as the literal words of Allah. Their mullahs tell them that forcing non-Muslims to submit or die is the highest calling that they can attain, and they are eager to die for it.

Liberals in the United States are just as eager to kill unborn babies in the social justice cause of a woman's "right to choose."

That disingenuous phrase, however, is a smoke screen for the historical fact that the 1973 Roe v Wade case was a product of the anarchist free-love of the Baby Boomer generation. It was nothing more nor less than legitimizing sexual promiscuity.

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Like the jihadists, Boomers in the late 1960s and early 70s believed that their cause justified extreme violence. They thought it cool to blow up college computer centers and police stations, or to rob banks and kill people in the process.

Nancy Pelosi's generation adopted the Weatherman slogan, "Bring the war home; ice the pigs; kill your parents." Speaker Pelosi still likes the first part of that slogan. [No, I didn't make that up. It isn't satire. It's an extract from The Conservative Voice website]

It Gets Worse

For Milton Himmelfarb, paganism is the characteristic religion of today's elite — and it stands for promiscuity, misery, and death.

He traces the taste for paganism to Enlightenment philosophies such as Diderot, to their 20th-century academic admirers, and to the psychotic sixties, when nature-worship and sexual promiscuity began to seem positively good and Christianity began to seem evil. American Enterprise Institute

New vaccine would promote promiscuity, undermine abstinence

Pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. Inc. has received federal approval for Gardasil, a vaccine that protects against the disease HPV — or human papillomavirus — that can lead to deadly cervical cancer. Lawmakers have been quick to mandate that school girls be vaccinated against HPV.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has signed an executive order requiring all girls entering sixth grade to receive the vaccine. Michigan lawmakers are debating such a requirement.

The vaccine appears praiseworthy as a weapon against disease. However, imposing it on young girls devalues personal morals and promotes society's increasingly tolerance of promiscuity and the willingness to "medicate" the effects of a problem rather than solve the cause of it.

HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, and these diseases among American teens are at epidemic highs. This leads supporters of the mandated vaccine to assume the sexual behavior of all young girls, discounting those who embrace the moral or religious values instilled by their parents.
Lawmakers should support young women embracing abstinence and other values-based initiatives designed to prevent problems in the first place. DetNews [Enough already. Here's a voice from the sexual front line]

Conservative conception of morality

It is quite strange to me how in this country, Republicans have always been considered to be the party of "family values" and "morality."

Republicans want to end social welfare programs, criminalize homosexuality and institute a system of forced-childbirth for our nation's women. This has never struck me as particularly moral.

Liberals, meanwhile, care about combating the spread of global poverty, ending climate change and raising the minimum wage. These are true moral concerns.

A recent controversy underscores the hypocrisy in the Republican position. The debate concerns the new HPV vaccine.

It's an indisputable fact that mandating the HPV vaccine would save thousands of lives.

Yet, conservatives groups like Focus on the Family have led the opposition to mandatory vaccinations, arguing that it encourages sexual promiscuity in young women.

This is just stupid. First of all, there's absolutely no evidence supporting that claim. Moreover, even if the vaccine did encourage promiscuous behavior, ask yourself what's worse — a sexually active 16-year-old or an 18-year-old with cervical cancer? Jason Sheltzer @ Daily Princetonian Collage by Ed Strong
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