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The Poison Kitchen: Mark Steyn's Racist Stew
Friday, 09 March 2007 22:51

by Chris Floyd

Mark Steyn is a blithering idiot, and his new book about the coming Muslim "takeover" of Europe — a Protocols for the 21st century — is full of outright lies, a number of which I can disprove simply by walking around my neighborhood here in England. In a civilized society, the kind of paranoid racist bile disgorged by Steyn would be relegated to the freakish fringe, and he himself would be an object of pity, a dribbling ranter on some obscure street corner.

But in our New Dark Age, where barbarism and brutality are enthroned in power and ignorance parades in gilded robes, Steyn must be taken seriously — because his violent fantasies are taken seriously by those in authority and their advisors. These eminent figures are bringing Steyn's hateful delusions into the ever-degrading mainstream of public debate. What's more, they have the means to use this poison in the creation of government policy.

Yes, it is shameful and humiliating to have reached such a nadir in our society that we have to give even a moment's attention to Steyn's rank mental excreta. Shameful, that we have squandered so egregiously the sacrifices of so many generations toward enlightenment, betrayed their best hopes by allowing these malicious, cud-brained dullards to rule over us and belch forth their criminal stupidities. But such are the times we live in, such are the burdens we bear. There is nothing for it but to wade into the muck and shovel it out with our bare hands.

Fortunately, in this case, young Johan Hari has courageously gone before us. In a masterpiece of waste management, Hari cleans Steyn's clock with a review of his hate tract, America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, in the New Statesman.

In the book, Steyn predicts that by 2020 — in a little more than 12 years — Europe will be entirely overrun by Arab Muslims, who will have taken over the continent's democratic governments and imposed Sharia law on the few remaining "whites" who have not fled to the world's last alabaster bastion, the United States. As Hari notes:

This is not presented as satirical sci-fi, nor as fanatical fodder for a party political broadcast fronted by Jean-Marie Le Pen. It is the straight-faced prediction of a book that has slithered onto the New York Times best-seller list and captured the imagination of the American right. Mark Steyn - an uneducated former Disk Jockey turned pundit - is today being greeted as a sage by Dick Cheney and a seer by the National Review. Even former Democratic candidate for Vice-President, Joe Lieberman, is touting its "wisdom".
This Arab conquest, Steyn says, will be accomplished largely by breeding. Although, as Hari points out, Steyn offers no statistics on the actual birthrates of European Muslims, he is certain that the sexually over-fecund darkies will overwhelm "European races too self-absorbed to breed" in what he says is a deliberate quest by a monolithic Islam to conquer the West. All Muslims — Shiite, Sunni, Sufi, of every possible background of national origin, ethnicity, class, etc. — are presumably acting in carefully planned concert to accomplish this goal. Steyn doesn't say how they receive their instructions — through the internet, perhaps? Or perhaps, being lower creatures than the "European races," they have an insect-like hive mind that directs their behavior?

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This is the puked-up tripe that is being taken seriously by the movers and shakers in America's power grid. But the book's attractions for the likes of Cheney and Lieberman (not to mention all the little rightwing bloggers throwing their panties at Steyn in paroxysms of adulation) are not limited to its sex-obsessed racial panic (which mimics in each particular the "Mandingo" nightmares of the Old South or, as Hari points out, the exterminationist "Yellow Peril" fears in the dawn of the last century). No, what really gets the Bushist gonads churning is Steyn's wholesale denunciations of "liberals" and the "left." It seems that Steyn, like that other prominent hatemonger, Dinesh D'Sousa, blames modern Western culture — with its secularism, feminism, and personal freedoms — for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. The hard-won (and extremely partial, precarious and intermittent) enlightenment that has spread in last few hundred years is, for Steyn, a sickness unto death. In this view, Islamic fundamentalism is a logical reaction to such a sinkhole of loose women, homosexuals and pointy-headed intellectuals undermining religious faith and respect for authority. As Hari wisely notes, it's a wonder that Steyn seems so upset at the prospect of the destruction of this befouled civilization at the hands of clean-living Muslims:
'America Alone' becomes even more problematic when Steyn tries half-heartedly to call for Muslim women's rights. He is intelligent enough to realise the surest way to reduce the disharmony between Muslim birth-rates and those of other communities - if this was judged to be a problem requiring a solution - would be to spread Islamic feminism. Throw money at Muslim women's refuges, introduce positive discrimination at universities and in the workplace, crack down ferociously on fathers who try to keep their daughters effectively imprisoned in their homes. Very few women want to have seven children, given a free choice, proper education and access to a menu of contraceptives and, yes, abortion.

But Steyn cannot promote this, because he opposes these freedoms for Western women. Indeed, he has spent the book chiding white women for failing to breed and for aborting ("killing") a generation of white children. Worse, he seems to actively agree with the Islamist critique of women's sexual freedom, claiming in passing that Islam provides women with "a refuge from the slatternly image of post-feminist Western womanhood." He does not really believe the solution is to roll out feminism to Muslims; he thinks it is to gut feminism among those women who already enjoy it - an impossibility as well as an abhorrence. So his solution simply sits limply like a deflated souffle, with his dark hints that if this fails "unthinkable solutions" will become necessary and "neonationalist strongmen" will rise...

Steyn's wider response to Islamism is to make democratic societies more like the one the Islamists want to build. He sees democratic debate and concern for human rights as unforgivable signs of weakness, mocking those who oppose torture and saying the war in Iraq has been fought "with kid gloves". He has suggested debate about the war should be confined to a war cabinet of five people, and that anybody who disputed their decisions would be "disgusting". "The Muslim critique of the West - that we're decadent vulgar narcissist fornicating sodomites - is not without more than a grain of truth," he writes, saying that the destruction of Europe's feminist and gay rights advances wouldn't especially bother him. He agrees that secular Europe is spiritually barren, decadent, depraved. At times, it's hard to see why he opposes Islamism at all."
As noted, Steyn provides little or no genuine evidence for his fearmongering. His predictions for the Muslim birthrate are ludicrous, and bear no relation at all to the true demographic balance in Europe. For example, Steyn, like so many of the professional paranoids on the radical right, continually pushes the image of a beleaguered Britain being overwhelmed by a sea of fundamentalist Muslims. But as I've noted before, in a piece about the manufactured controversy over British Muslim women wearing the veil:
What is the true context of this asymmetrical "debate"? The numbers tell the story. There are approximately 1.6 Muslims in Britain – 3 percent out of a total population of more than 60 million. And of this miniscule minority, only 5 percent of British Muslim women wear the veil. In other words, this "mark of separation" that is now, suddenly,  "corroding" British society is actually rejected by 95 percent of all Muslim women. It plays almost no part in Muslim life in Britain.

Nor does any kind of tolerance for violent extremism. An extensive survey of British Muslims just released – to almost zero notice – by the 1990 Trust shows that the number of those who believe that terrorist attacks are "justifiable" is between 1 and 2 percent. (You could probably find a higher percentage of Americans who believed that terrorism against, say, the "Zionist Occupation Government" or illegal immigrants or abortion clinics – or Muslims – was justified.) Violence and extremism are thus rejected by 98 percent of all British Muslims.
Here then is the true source of Steyn's fears: a miniscule, moderate, non-violent minority, quietly living their lives in the midst of a vast sea of "white Europeans."

So what can a dedicated propagandist do when confronted with this yawning gap between reality and his hatred? Why, make things up, of course. Hari again:
After the 9/11 massacres, in his Daily Telegraph column he repeated as fact preposterous claims that Muslim children all over New York had warned their favourite teachers not to go to the World Trade Centre that day. Here, he says, "On the night of September 11th Muslim youths in northern England rampaged through the streets cheering Islam's glorious victory over the Great Satan. They pounded on the hoods of the cars, hammered the doors and demanded the drivers join them in the chants of 'Osama Bin Laden is a great man.'" There is no record of these events on Lexis-Nexis; Steyn has not replied to a request for the source. He says variously that "the old flag" of St George is now "unflyable" in England, and - with shades of Enoch Powell's untraceable "grinning picanninies" - claims he knows "an English lady" who wears a headscarf every time she steps outside to stop Muslims harrassing her. As somebody who lives in a Muslim area, everybody I know who lives here finds this preposterous. But this is Steyn's way with evidence: the extremely atypical is presented as universal, and the urban myth is presented as damning fact.
I too live in a neighborhood with a large Muslim population. And I was here during 9/11 and its aftermath. I know that Steyn's assertions on these points are not just "urban myths" — they are flagrant lies. There was no incident even remotely resembling the horde of "Muslim youths" running through the streets cheering the 9/11 attacks. Believe me, it would have been front-page, banner-head news, and the tabloid press would still be dining out on the story. To put it plainly, this kind of thing is the equivalent of the ancient "blood libel" about Jews — an "urban myth" that led to mass-murdering progroms by the "European races" during those pre-Enlightenment days that Steyn pines for.

And as for "the old flag" of St. George being "unflyable" — this is simply preposterous. You can hardly go a half a block without seeing the English flag (the red-and-white banner of St. George as opposed to the Union Jack) draped in the window of a house or adorning a car bumper. This is doubly true whenever the England football team takes the field in international competition, as in last year's World Cup. Steyn's claim here is not only a lie; it's a stupid, pointless lie, one that anyone who lives in an ordinary English neighborhood could refute in mere seconds.

But of course, Steyn is writing for those power brokers in Washington like Cheney and Lieberman who would never set foot in an ordinary English neighborhood. He's writing for all the little paranoid panty-throwers out there who love to goose themselves with perverted genocidal/erotic fantasies about big, breeding Arabs. It goes without saying that these insular fantasists will never see an English neighborhood either. And so the "flag" lie, unimportant in itself, serves its purpose as part of the mosiac of hatred that Steyn is constructing, confident that his readers will never challenge his assertions.

There is one major flaw in Hari's review, however: he says that "Steyn is genuinely funny." I'm afraid that's as demonstrably untrue as any of Steyn's own delusions. To illustrate this dubious claim, Hari says: "At one point, [Steyn writes] that he would counsel his readerst to run for the hills, 'except they're full of terrorist training camps.'" Mmm, yes, that's comedy gold, all right. But Hari, bless his heart, is not known for his riotous sense of humor. He is known for the earnest passion of his prose, and that is certainly on effective display in this important review.
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a guest said:

itis england which is trying to take over the worl
An Anglophile to the core, Wilson didn't care about the fate of the Russians. His concern was in keeping German forces split along two fronts. The payoff worked: Russia's provisional prime minister Aleksandr Kerensky kept the Russians involved in the war.

But american intervention was not decisive-Russian winter was As it
March 09, 2007
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a guest said:

question to the editor. how much longer did the previous comment go before it was truncated at
But american intervention was not decisive-Russian winter was As it
March 10, 2007 | url
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a guest said:

good article. not at all anglophile! first comment dribbling ranter....
first comment insane.too the first comment:i am irish, and am impressed with this article. Very european in outlook, I think I would have a clue- I live in Berlin now.In what sense is it very anglophile?!
Rubbish. You have lost your senses.

I fear for the future of abortion rights in the states and even in some european countries. I come from ireland where it is still illegal!(like Portugal and Poland).

Nationalism isn't anything to be proud of but its rife in all european countries, no fear mr.steyn!

Keep up the good informative writing.

-D O'Malley
March 10, 2007
Votes: +0

a guest said:

I believe the author is long on anectodal evidence but doens't provide any concrete data to refute Steyn's book. I would suggest that he is offering opinion and states he can prove Steyn's lies but other than not seeing youths dancing in the streets post 9/11, he provides no facts to his rants. Steyn does provide statistical data, and since he did, it should be this authors responsibility to disprove those statistics if they are in fact wrong. I think the premise of Steyn's book was actually proven by the cartoon incident, where Europeans were willing to side with "not offending Islamic extremists" at the expense of free speech/press, etc. This coupled with the fact that birth rates by Mulsims far exceed declining (unsustainable) birthrates of nons, also supports Steyn's conclusions that Europe will be pushed even more to appeasement of extreme ideologies. You can argue his assumptions about birthrates but once again, I don't see any real hard facts in this article to disprove the intersecting birthrates between muslims and non muslims.
March 12, 2007
Votes: +1

a guest said:

Do the math
Steyn is right.
March 13, 2007
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a guest said:

Floyd should debate Steyn
Steyn has recently requested, to his publisher's chagrin, that he would prefer appearing at venues that disagree with his thesis - that he is tired of speaking to the choir and would prefer talking to/with/at those who find him repugnant. So, if our author above would care to debate Mr. Steyn face to face, I'm sure Steyn would eagerly comply. However, I doubt Mr. Floyd possesses the courage to endeavor in such a thing. After all, it would be quite embarrassing for Mr. Floyd to be publicly, adequately eviscerated by a racist, Islamophobic, misogynist.
March 14, 2007 | url
Votes: +1

a guest said:

You call Steyn a racist. How so? Muslims are of every race.
By the way Islam is not a religon, it is in actuality the cult of mohammed PBUH (Piss Be Upon Him)
March 18, 2007
Votes: +0

Joe Lammers said:

How seriously should we take this article? You can't even get your terms correct. Islam is a religion, not a race.
June 05, 2008
Votes: +1

Jo Doe said:

Sanctimony rules
you've got to love liberals.

They are so busy trying to moralise their own side's nationalistic urges out of existence, that they never conceive for one minute that a group of people with ideals in precise opposition to their own might possess similar urges.

such clowns really.
August 02, 2010
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