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‘Prince’ Andrew – Master Chameleon?
Friday, 28 August 2009 05:47
by Brian Rayner

The decision by the Scottish Justice Minister and some family members of the British travellers killed in the Lockerbie disaster, to release Abdelbaset al-Megrahi from incarceration on humanitarian grounds seems the right one. Rather than bringing shame on Scotland, as many are stating I suggest the opposite may be the case, and in the years to come, Scotland could be viewed internationally as a country of great compassion and be given great respect.

On the other hand if it is revealed later that the release was authorised to increase trade between Libya and Monarchical Britain, then the shameful and cruel reasoning behind it should be condemned, even though the end result was a humanitarian one.

Moreover, the so called “righteous indignation” emanating from the guts of rightwing extremists in the USA beggars belief. Better if these people scrutinised more closely, their own government’s foreign policies and the hate that it has generated worldwide before reverting to sanctimonious self-righteous rhetoric over this issue.Oh and before any one twists my comments to suit their own prejudices: my compassionate heart goes out to all the victims of the bombing and their families also.

However, whatever your views may be on the release of the Libyan citizen, it is clear that the exact role of the arrogant ‘Prince’ Andrew on this controversial issue, will be clouded in secrecy for decades to come; unless of course the controlling Royals, their sycophantic Government and their ingratiating British Media feel that he – ‘Prince’ Andrew will bubble to the surface smelling sweetly of violets!

But rest assured reader, that if his role in the affair is regarded with condemnation and disgust, the wraps of secrecy will remain for many decades until after his demise.

While in the meantime we have Cameron, leader of the opposition writing demanding letters to Brown and other political figures in Britain, but neglecting miserably to send a strong letter to Britain’s Political Chief the Queen, or ‘Prince’ Andrew her privileged offspring who is at the very heart of the furore. Furthermore, omitting to question two of Britain’s high ranking POLITICAL royals is added proof of the deplorable two tier state of politics entrenched in Monarchical Britain at the present time, and signifies yet again the possibility of another barefaced cover up.

This seems to be the case, when we hear Colonel Gaddafi stating on camera that; “Prince Andrew and his friend Gordon Brown were active in the negotiations”.

Consequently, it will come as no surprise that if there is a Royal cover up; Monarchical Britain will once more be labelled as untrustworthy and hypocritical, or as the North American Indians might have stated: “She - Britain - speaks with many forked tongues…” Accordingly, ‘Prince’ Andrew and the British establishment’s convenient chameleon like transmogrification of him will, quite naturally, be viewed with great suspicion, not only now but in the future.

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