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Mumbai Attack: The British are behind it
Sunday, 07 December 2008 21:01
by Roland Michel Tremblay

The new terrorist attacks in Mumbai have opened new conspiracy theories, one of them that MI6 might be behind those attacks. It would not be hard to convince me it is true, I never believed those London terrorist attacks were genuine, whilst I was in the middle of it all.

But then I have to ask myself, why, and will it, in the long term, benefit British citizens? Or just a few rich people and families in this world? And if it is to benefit us all, then perhaps we can forgo those false flag events, get the full truth, and support our governments in their endeavours. Is it not better, as soldiers, if it is truly worth it, to know what we are dying for?

I am 36 years old. I am a French-Canadian, one of those who voted against conscription to join the army and Great Britain in defeating Germany in both World Wars. Times have changed. I have been living in London for 15 years. And though I don’t have my British Citizenship yet, I am now willing to join the British Army and save my Queen and every single Briton under the Sun. I am British. We’re all Patriots here. I will fight for my country. But only as long as I fully understand what I am fighting for. At the moment, none of this is evident.

I am cynical, I am pessimistic about this world we live in. True, I am a pacifist and would certainly wish to avert any war and any killing, just like most of us. And there perhaps lay the whole problem our governments are facing today. Our morality.

Because if we were not all idealistic people who thought war was a bad thing, and that if we found out that our own governments in the US and in the UK were at the root of all the wars and troubles in the world, we could possibly put a stop to it all, get rid of those governments.

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As such, we have become a danger to our leaders, a danger to winning the international political game. We can never hope to ever get the truth about what is really going on in this world now.

False flags events are the only way nowadays to get the masses to accept going to war, to fight the wars our governments and secret services still feel have to be fought and won. At any cost it seems, billions and billions, never mind any economic depression in between.

Yes, we are at war. Yes, the Nuclear Third World War is on our doorstep. Yes, no global financial crisis, no matter how serious it is, will stop that now. It is all being planned and discussed in secret, and moved forward by false flag events to justify it.

For most of these fake events, we have uncovered the truth, we are now pretty much certain most terrorist attacks in this world are just false flag events. And whilst we debate if this is true or not, our global destiny is going forward, we are more at war every day.

Only the why is now important, as we are still so much in the dark, so many steps behind any new crisis, any new terrorist attack, their implications and where this will eventually lead us.

Let’s assume for a second that the British Secret Services, MI6, are behind the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. What is the point of it, what is it that MI6 hopes to achieve by organising these terrorist attacks? Does it benefit the British citizens at all, in the long term? Are they working for British interests? Or is this somehow benefitting some rich corporations or a few rich people and families in the world, and finally can be only detrimental to British citizens? Interesting question, I welcome your views.

Because I would understand this need for secrecy and false flag events if, somehow, we were obliged to fight all these wars in the Middle East, and yet, ultimately, gain nothing out of it. However, if it is not the case, if truly British interests are being served here, on a scale that we cannot even imagine, and that could be justified, then perhaps the government would gain a lot by changing tactics.

All the terrorist attacks in London, Madrid and in New York have somehow been proven, more or less, of being faked. There is certainly enough evidence to seriously question who was ultimately the brain behind all those attacks: our governments.

It does not matter much now, because what was wanted out of these attacks has come to pass, we are at war. You could say they were obvious in the way they went about it, they knew it would eventually be uncovered, and it did not matter as long as the real objective in the short term was reached.

I am no longer angry about it. I can understand why our governments felt they had to do it, in the times we’re living in, filled with impossible ideals incompatible with the true reality of this world. It was the only way to convince the people and the media to go ahead with their real secret foreign policies. One has to be realistic and practical in this world. I bet you learn that early on once you get acquainted with politics and what is truly going on in the world.

What I am saying is, now there is a need for a leap of faith. We need to trust our governments that they know what they are doing, they know what is good for us, that in fact they are working for our future, our great destiny within this rotten world plagued with wars and international deceit.

This secrecy has blinded us all to what was truly going on, on the international scene. It has left us all completely ignorant as to the why our leaders thought it necessary, if not essential, to fight all these wars. We can only hope that our salvation is truly at stake and all of it is justified. And this is what worries us, we are in the dark.

It is possible that none of us will benefit from this, but only some sort of global financial clique, a string of powerful corporations. In the case of Bush and his family, and friends, yes, there would be a real scepticism as to who will ultimately benefit.

In the UK, somehow, it seems a bit different. I don’t think Tony Blair convinced the whole Parliament to go ahead with all his madman’s plans, just to make British Petroleum a few more billions, or simply because of history: the Great British Empire still very much being on the agenda, and the era of colonisation being far from over, let’s control the world!

Perhaps there is a real threat for which we know nothing about. And somehow I think governments are underestimating the capacity of their main commentators and critics, journalists and citizens, to understand and accept any course of action they feel they must take. This has to change.

In the past, Great Britain did not hide its priorities, or why it fought and occupied most of the Middle East, Africa and other colonies. Its soldiers knew very well why or what they were fighting for, a strong empire, just like the Romans had. Maybe in those days it did not matter much. We were fighting against the Spanish and the French, even Belgium, as to who would ultimately control those different parts of the world, the balance of power. Reaping natural resources and turning the indigenous into slaves.

Nothing has changed, it is still very much the same today. It cannot be stated so clearly, we would not buy it now. Would we? We did in the past, we accepted this idea that people of other nations were sub-humans and deserved to be slaves to us, and provide all the natural resources we required. What makes them think we would no longer go for it?

Have we become so moral, ethical and pure in time, that these ideas no longer appeal to us as a whole? I always wanted, in a true British tradition, my twenty Indian slaves to cater for me, within my small one bedroom flat.

Maybe there is more to it than just exploiting other countries and somehow building a great empire like the ones of the past. Perhaps the mentality of our leaders has evolved with the times. Maybe there is more going on that we have been led to believe.

Maybe China and Russia are still at it, trying to take over and impose their lunatic regime upon the world. Maybe there are other threats that we are unaware, for example, just how the Muslim world could suddenly take us over, and we could all be praying to Allah soon. A bit like Hitler taking control through his fascism, except the fascism part would not be political, but religious in nature. And oh, no, I will not talk about oil.

As I said, we can only make a leap of faith, believe our governments know what they are doing, and that there is no New World Order over the horizon serving its own interests without caring for any of us.

And if it is not the case, if there is no New World Order, then perhaps our leaders should seriously consider telling us the truth, without resorting to false flag events and fake terrorist attacks. It is getting tiresome, all those lies, it insults the intelligence, while they think it is working so wonderfully.

After all, no one is buying it nowadays. We are clued up enough to debunk it all, faster than they would hope. It simply does not work anymore, they are no terrorists in this world, we all know that, there are only well paid employees of our governments. It’s been proven so many times, there is no need to prove it any longer, or playing these games.

So why not simply tell us the truth, our true motivations, why it is necessary to go to war with the Middle East, what is really happening, and why it is a necessity to declare a Nuclear Third World War.

We might surprise them, we might understand and support our leaders. After all, I am ready to die for my Queen, even though she is not my real Queen just yet, the paper work has not gone through.

If we are all to die through this Third World War, would it not be nice to know why we are fighting, why it is worth dying? It might motivate us, you might actually get me to go and defend the Empire, and actually believe this is a war worth fighting and dying for. I could easily be convinced, I am after all totally brainless, I’ll buy anything.

I have no doubt it is worth going to war, otherwise, there is no way it would have happened in the first place. So tell us, we will surprise you, we will understand, we will fight willingly, and ultimately we will win, no matter if half the world will be wiped out in the process. We can be reasonable, once we understand that it is us or them, even if vaguely so.

Just like in the old days. Let’s build a strong Empire, let’s control the World, let’s insure democracy and freedom remain the only values worth respecting. No Bolshevik or Muslim will dictate to us how this world should be, nor will we ever listen to whatever God China might have. We will keep our supremacy of this world at any cost, we will all fight together to prevent any foreign power to take over the world, to take us over. If, of course, this is truly what we are fighting for.

Let’s not forget, terrorists never act on their own behalf, all of them are financed by States. And so, these wars, they are always between countries, between superpowers struggling to control the world.

We don’t intend to learn a new language any time soon, for example, I don’t intend to speak Chinese within my lifetime, or to pray to Allah, or be obliged to pray at all from fears of being exterminated.

Maybe those wars are justified. Maybe it is time our leaders tell us what the time is, what is truly going on on the international scene, those foreign affairs. Why we are fighting those wars for. Perhaps we will understand, accept it, and finally see reason. Fight willingly for a just cause, for freedom and democracy, instead of blindly obeying without any kind of understanding, constantly questioning the motivations not only of our enemy, but or our own leaders as well. Have they gone mad? Well, from our point of view, yes, you have all gone mad!

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. You should know by now, looking at the past, that wars can only be won if soldiers fully understand what is truly at stake and are fully motivated to win the war.

Explain to us how firing ablaze the whole of the Middle East through nuclear weapons will ultimately benefit us all as citizens of the world, or prevent our ultimate downfall and downturn into slavery to foreign gods and powers. And we might then follow you to glory.

The days of false flag events and lies and secrecy are over, because no one is buying it any longer. Better start writing your autobiographies a bit early, like within a month, so we can understand and support your point of view and your policies. It is, after all, the only way for you to avert a War Crime Tribunal at this time.

If we could only understand what is truly going on, we might just accept that genocides and torture were in fact justified. And that a Nuclear Third World War is essential and unavoidable. We might then die happy, knowing we did the right thing for our families and our country, and our dear flag. We’re all Patriots here.

God Save the Queen! All for the right reasons, whatever they may be.

“Without irony, this life would hardly be worth living.”

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Comments (1)add comment

Project Humanbeingsfirst.org said:

Ushering in one-world government requires international cooperation among its harbingers

Hi. Interesting reflections. It is no longer along Britain or EU or the United States lines. Nor is there much distinctions between various intelligence agencies who have bought into the overarching agenda of world-government to be run by oligarchs at the top of the pyramid.

I believe that black-ops and covert-ops today are entirely along the world-government lines, and their orchestration is by the same power-structures which control the transition from nation-states to world-government incrementally, one fait accompli at a time. If the following is true for mere ordinary co-opted peoples, it is certainly true for the secret operations and those who orchestrate and finance them:

'The real value of Tragedy and Hope ... [is the] bold and boastful admission by Dr. Quigley that there actually exists a relatively small but powerful group which has succeeded in acquiring a choke-hold on the affairs of practically the entire human race. Of course we should be quick to recognize that no small group could wield such gigantic power unless millions of people in all walks of life were “in on the take” and were willing to knuckle down to the iron-clad regimentation of the ruthless bosses behind the scenes. As we shall see, the network has succeeded in building its power structure by using tremendous quantities of money (together with the vast influence it buys) to manipulate, intimidate, or corrupt millions of men and women and their institutions on a world-wide basis.' (W. Cleon Skousen, The Naked Capitalist, pg. 6)

Therefore, speculating whether is it MI6 or the CIA or Mossad or some other unknown compartmentalized black-ops with a chain of patsies and mercenaries, is rather a moot point.

Project Humanbeingsfirst issued the following caution letter earlier, precisely to warn against falling prey to this sort of red herring (see excerpt below) print-humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com/2008/12/letter-to-pakalert-press-dec052008.html

It is important to remember the dialectics of deception employed in both manufacturing consent among the mainstream, and manufacturing dissent among the handful of conscionable rebels, in order to usher in any untenable agenda and deflect resistance to it! Many good peoples are getting wrapped up in multiple red herrings because of it.

One such red herring was unraveled by Project Humanbeingsfirst in this rebuttal to Mr. Paul Craig Roberts, in response to which he called me, and I quote: "you are a completely stupid fool, a disgrace to humanity". That deconstruction of the dialectics of deception can be read at print-humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com/2008/12/letter-paul-craig-roberts-rebuttal.html

Begin Excerpt (The Real Terrorists)

The atrocity in Mumbai last week, and the bizarre data that is emerging, will make more sense if one stops viewing this heinous terrorist act from the traditional Indian-Pakistan lens. It is urgent that people in both nations begin to appreciate what's at stake so that each may initiate proper self-defense against accurately identified hidden dangers from the overt 'katputli tamashas'.

The following News Flash is Project Humanbeingsfirst's position on this manufactured terror. To appreciate it, please study the methods of Rand Corporation, CFR, Zbigniew Brzezinski, et. al., and acquire an understanding of the notion of world-government. Political science runs the world, and the children of Machiavelli are deeply rooted in waging war by way of deception – a game of conquest “as old as mankind”. From the East India Company to Free Trade to the War on Terror – all enablers of pretexts for “imperial mobilization” and “full spectrum dominance”. In the West, typically, the smartest students study humanities and social sciences, and the think-tanks as well as the Pentagon are populated with scores of PhDs in political science and history. What do you think they do there? What do you think they do at the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, and the Carnegie Endowment for Peace? How about at CFR and RIIA? They are united in one common global agenda – world government. And they get there by shrewdly employing the overarching political science concept articulated by David Ben Gurion “what is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”!

End Excerpt

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

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