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Fools Rush In: Over the Cliff With George and Dick
Thursday, 04 October 2007 17:14
by Chris Floyd

Owing to the late disruption we suffered here at disreputable hands, I was unable to jump, like a duck on a june bug, all over Sy Hersh's latest and most chilling report on the looming attack on Iran. Hersh's in-depth, insider report was not the only recent story adding to the now-vast body of evidence that this lunatic bid for even more loot and power by the unsated bloodlusters of the Bush Faction will soon be a murderous reality. Had the website not been knocked into the hazard, I would have rounded up some of these pieces and pronounced upon them.

But there's no need to do that now; Scott Horton at Harper's has put together a useful compendium already: Beating the Drums for the Next War. Winter Patriot is also on the case with Hersh story, adding this pointed observation:
Meanwhile, not having to be re-un-elected again makes Bush and Cheney even more irresponsible than they were when they were first un-elected, and makes them even more reckless than the political capital they claimed they had after they were re-unelected. It would be a perfect setup for a double-impeachment if the Democrats wanted any part of it. Alas, they do not.
Finally, Jon Schwarz has more on two revealing interviews that Hersh gave to coincide with the New Yorker piece, including this telling reply to a question from Der Spiegel asking what interest the Bush Regime has in rushing toward war with Iran. Quoth Hersh:
You have to ask yourself what interest we had 40 years ago for going to war in Vietnam. You'd think that in this country with so many smart people, that we can't possibly do the same dumb thing again. I have this theory in life that there is no learning. There is no learning curve. Everything is tabula rasa. Everybody has to discover things for themselves.
I think that Mark Twain, who oft decried the eternal inanities of what he aptly termed "the damned human race," would agree. Certainly the history of our time gives no lie to this bleak wisdom.
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