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Martha Rose Crow just passed away - we need your help
Thursday, 04 March 2010 06:42
by Roland Michel Tremblay

Following the sudden death of Martha Rose Crow, the friends and family of Martha Rose Crow are mobilising to gather everything she has ever written under one roof, pending the acceptance of such a project by her closest friends and family. This will be her new voice from beyond the grave: http://www.martharosecrow.com

In the meantime I need your help. Please forward to me everything you can find that Martha ever wrote. Please send as many emails as you want or can to rm@themarginal.com

We are looking for articles, comments, URLs, and also particularly emails she would have written to you. We will delete what you wrote, but there may be in there a lot of important information Martha Rose Crow might have written to you.

Considering how important a life and message Martha Rose Crow had, and the impact she had on us all, and since many of her most important books are now left unfinished, we need every scrap of information she may have emailed you to help us understand exactly who she is and what her message was. All this to ensure the continuity of her work, just as she would have intended. I can assure you no one will make any money out of this, the message is more important, a message that could potentially change the world.

If you wish to help with such a project, please prove to us how deeply she trusted you (through her emails to you), and we will also trust you and let you participate in building the life’s work of a great woman.

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 I’m sure many of you thought she was mad, I’m also sure you wondered: and what if she is not, what if she’s telling the truth? Well, we better make sure the whole truth is out there for everyone to read so they can decide for themselves. One thing we can agree on, you never met anyone like Martha Rose Crow before, there is only one of her. And God knows, even in death she might be more alive than any of us.

For now we are mobilising on this forum, please feel free to post your feelings:


To refresh yourself on what Martha Rose Crow was working on before she died, visit her numerous blogs:


She was also on OpedNews and Atlantic Free Press:



Or just do a search on the Internet:


Martha Rose Crow’s message will live on!


Roland Michel Tremblay

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Roland M Tremblay said:

The Marginal
Martha Rose Crow new website is now online:


We also need your help to find any book she has written that she would have sent to you (or emails).

Roland Michel Tremblay
August 28, 2010
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