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V-I Day is Close at Hand: New Oil Law Approved in Bushist Baghdad
Tuesday, 27 February 2007 14:15
by Chris Floyd

Iraqi Cabinet Approves Draft of Oil Law (New York Times)

I may be writing more on this later, if I have the stomach for it, but read through the above New Yo rk Times report on the new oil law approved by the Iraqi government – and gasp in shock-and-awed wonder that the leading newspaper in the United States could file a story like this and only note – in the next-to-last paragraph – that Iraq's oil will controlled by the iron fist of a "central body called the Federal Oil and Gas Council" which will have "a panel of oil experts from inside and outside Iraq" as part o f the operation… without telling us that these "oil experts" will in fact be executives and representatives of American and other Western oil companies.

In other words, the Bush-backing oil barons will now have an official stranglehold on the oil of the Iraqi people. No wonder the Administration has been so adamant that "a new oil law is crucial to the country’s political and economic development," as the warm and fuzzy Times tells us.

As we noted here a few weeks ago, an oil law giving Bush's crony conquistadors a dominant hold on Iraq's oil has always been the true "benchmark" of victory for the White House. And now it is within reach; the Iraqi parliament will vote on the law next month – with 140,000 American troops parked all around the country, and American bombs falling on the capital.

Gee, wonder which way the vote will go?

NOTE: Winter Patriot has the English translation of the measure here. Or rather, the English translation of the Iraqi translation of the original draft bill, which was written in…English, of course! What else do they speak in them Texas boardrooms?

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Russell Wellen said:

Mission Finally. . .
. . . accomplished. Now, on to Iran and the National Iranian Oil Company (http://www.nioc.com/).
February 27, 2007 | url
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a guest said:

Because of such fiece internal fighting in the iraqi government and the rest of the country as a whole the americans can never stabilize iraq aswell as taking full advantage of resources.
The longer the american presence is in iraqi, more will the soldiers feel disillusioned about the whole idea af iraq, just like Vietnam. On top of that the mounting casulities and pressure back home will inevitably cause the american military to pullout.
After the pullout there will be eager barons working with the CIA/MI6 smuggleing and selling oil on the black market to hunger anglo/american globalisation. The profits those barons make, will in turn fund arms deals to fight their conquest for yet another dictatorship in iraq.

March 01, 2007
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