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War is the only language humanity understands
Monday, 15 June 2009 05:02
by Roland Michel Tremblay

At this time we cannot state that this world is moral, just or ethical, whatever the area of society: political, religious, corporate and even people taken individually. Life is more like a struggle and a fight to survive than anything else. We have reached an all time low. What can society expect of its citizens, if all they ever encounter is pettiness, selfishness, unfairness and punishment? Well then, we should expect war at every turn, and this is what we witness everyday everywhere. But there is hope for humanity.

There is always a larger picture to everything, to any situation, to any debate or attack, no matter how small it is. Should there not be some sort of ideal world we could all live in, where everyone would be allowed to find happiness, or at least some sort of compromise which could make it all acceptable and liveable?

There is a larger picture to everything, and yet, most of us just miss it. It is never at the back of our mind, in our subconscious mind, that we should all try to make this place bearable. Instead we are all petty, selfish, and will get stuck on insignificant details to justify and prove just about everything, until something irrevocably breaks down and there is no getting back. It is called reaching the point of no return, after which only war can be expected, mostly personal ones. This point of no return has been reached a long time ago.

Call it self-defence or insecurity, we all feel the need to annihilate the next person as soon as we believe that person is a threat, whether it is true or not. Court cases are won on details, arguments are won on details, people get sacked and are destroyed over details, the larger picture, the context, is always ignored. Any end will always justify any mean.

We are all very small people, small entities, all fighting to survive, to win whatever argument, to get somewhere, and so logic and reason are never required to make sense of anything. It is all about whatever our most basic instincts can dictate to defend what is left of our dignity, honour and reason. We have none left, and if these concepts meant anything to anyone centuries ago, today they could not possibly mean anything.

It is amazing how so many small minded people can actually come together and represent a large collective of any kind with any worthwhile ideals and values. We are all petty, without exception, we are all selfish, without any exception, how can humanity then be reflecting anything else? I wonder. There is only one conclusion, humanity as a whole is immoral and unethical, just like the rest of us. One would only hope it could change within one’s lifetime.

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If it does not seem so to you, then you must believe the propaganda on the subject, you must believe what some idealistic people thought we should all truly be about, when in reality we are nothing of their idealistic view of what humanity should truly be.

This explains why we are always at war, why we continue to steal the natural resources of everyone else on this planet, why so many are still dying of hunger everyday, and why there are no slaves anymore in title, but this world is still filled with slaves barely able to survive on the meagre salaries we give them to produce and service just about everything else humanity needs.

I never thought I would ever speak in those terms, I never thought I could become some sort of activist, idealist or whatever, but in my search for the truth, in my search to describe this world as it is, here you are, I state it the way I see it.

I still don’t think I am an activist or an idealist, to be frank, I don’t really care if this world is immoral and unethical and self-destruct. I just observe and state what I see. And then I try to find ways to accept it, to survive it, still keeping any sort of smile on my face or happiness despite everything else. Well, I guess I do care. I will admit, I was bang up for living in some sort of utopia, and every time we tried to create such utopia, it so quickly turned sour, it just confirmed time and time again the true nature of humanity.

What we are individually, is what we are globally. It doesn’t matter if the United Nations, the European Union, the American Union or any Constitution or Chart of whatever in any country states, what you are statistically on an individual level, is what humanity is all about. And none of you at this time can deny that this reflects reality of what all these countries are acting upon and demonstrating. We are at war, we are in a permanent state of war, everyday on every level.

No one in the world is speaking in such terms as I am. I will rapidly be qualified as an extremist for stating it so openly, however one day you will have to see the world for what it is, you will have to see human nature for what it is. Just look at the results, they speak for themselves. We are addicted to war, and the first step to finding a cure is to at least recognise it.

I feel there is no hope to stop small-mindedness in this world on an individual level, and so, I have to conclude that there is no hope for humanity, no matter how hard others could try to convince us otherwise. Just recognise it, and then perhaps we could find solutions, if there is any. At the very least we can stop believing the lies of all those idealistic people, none of what they promise will ever happen, and hence, perhaps it is time for them to stop promising anything they have no power over, as we all know we cannot change our nature.

What is the point of living in hope that anything will change, when we all know all so well that no one has any desire to see any change happen in the first place? What can I do now? What are you going to do now? Let’s go to war? Is that the answer? Sometimes I feel this is the only viable option. Declare an outright war, no matter the consequences.

This is why, ultimately, we are always at war, because people are clued up, they know that in the end this is the only language anyone will ever understand, because there could only be one answer to pettiness, to selfishness, to unfairness, to lies and hypocrisy. And when you are being lied to for so long, how can you believe anything? You can’t, you have to fight back with all the means at your disposal.

So far no one would have suspected that I was only talking about one person, a colleague of mine, who has made my life a misery in the last few months and years, without proper reason or justification. And yet, it applies so well to the history of humanity. I can understand why you may have felt I was talking about the balance of power in the world. Until individually we stop to be petty and selfish, there is no hope for humanity. And yet, there is nothing right now that could change human nature, and so we will all remain petty and selfish for many years, decades, centuries to come, and we cannot expect humanity to be any different.

There is always only one answer, war, and so there will always be wars in this world. Personal ones and then global ones. Escaping them is getting harder and harder, because even though you wish to avoid it at any cost, once someone has decided to go war with you, you have little choice but declare war yourself. Consequences at that point don’t matter, you will pay the necessary price, surrendering is never an option. Most often it is just not possible, you are never given the choice, your own survival is at stake.

I wish I was given the chance to fight with guns and bombs the monsters I have to deal with on a daily basis at work. I don’t understand why it is only on a country basis that we are allowed to solve our problems through killing the enemy. Following the logic of how we go about getting what we want collectively, why should it be any different on an individual level?

If it is not acceptable for me to kill my boss, then surely it cannot be acceptable for my country to go about eradicating another nation. So many genocides in this world, in the last decade alone. A sparkling and squeaky clean humanity is not for this present century, this century is already tainted beyond salvation.

Or perhaps I am getting mixed messages, I should have the right to kill my manager or my director, and the laws are wrong to judge me upon it, punish me somehow. If my country is above the international laws, then why should I not be above my country’s own laws?

We will do anything to get it our way, to preserve ourselves. Humanity is no different, humanity is immoral and unethical, and will do anything to get it its way, to preserve itself. In the process though, the only logical conclusion is that this is all destructivism, the path to self-destruction, whether it is on an individual level or a collective one.

The way we are, the way we go about everything, has only one outcome, war and self-destruction. I cannot see how we will escape our collective fate, I don’t know what it will take to prevent this outcome. I cannot change my nature, no one can, and so humanity cannot change its nature. I’m afraid it is just a question of time before we self-destruct.

Don’t declare war on me, I won’t declare war on you. Don’t alienate me, I won’t alienate you. Be nice to me, I will be nice to you. Help me, I will help you. Love me, I will not fail to love you back. As simple as that, the most basic laws of creating a durable peace in this world.

There is hope, we must believe there is hope. It won’t come from outside, from any saviour, from anyone. It can only come from us taken individually. If somehow we can change our nature, each of us, learn to compromise and be understanding, fair and compassionate, then perhaps there will be hope for humanity.

No one needs be a threat in this world. The message to any authority out there is very simple, the most simple psychology. Hate us and we will destroy you. Learn to love us for what we are and we cannot fail to love you back. And here will come peace upon Earth.

Without irony, this life would hardly be worth living.”
- Roland Michel Tremblay

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Mohammed AL-Saedi said:

Fighting the terrorists !
Fighting the terrorists !
who are the terrorists ? USA ,,, CIA USA ,,, CIA USA, this was the slogan that the protests were chant-ing years ago.

The continuation and supporting the continuation of the armed resistance in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the armed resistance of the Islamic State of Iraq as well as the resistance in the pakistan is the only way thats guarantee the continuation of the most robust defensive frontline to prevent criminal America warmongers from continuing its aggressions on the world.

Its almost, more than 9 years ago when the criminals-warmongers ignited wars on the world, wars on the freedom and wars on the mankind which are all aimed for depopulations and for disaster infliction on the planet. Criminals-warmongers began war on the Afghanistan as a first step and then began another war on Iraq as further step and already had planed to go on for igniting more wars everywhere else !

At the earlier stages, everything went out of the expectations of the warmongers. Criminals-warmongers were confronted by the most fierce and the most intensive armed resistance in the both countries in which the military capabilities of the warmongers were wrecked and are no longer properly functional.


Eternal War For Imperfect Mankind "For make no mistake: Evil does exist in the world."

American Threats: Building a Pretext to Wage War on North Korea?

Stop NATO's orientation is anti-militarist, international and internationalist.

U.S. intelligence, criminal espionage agency, penetrated the heart of the Ecuadorian police force.

A third US sponsored coup d’etat against a member state of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas.

Gloria La Riva: 'U.S. behind coup in Ecuador, details will come'

The terrorism activities by the criminal espionage agency CIA.

Death Squads in Iraq

Ex-C.I.A. Aides Say Ayad Allawi Helped Agency in 90's Attacks

Media Disinformation and Death Squads in Occupied Iraq

New Death Squad in Iraq

CIA-Sponsored Child Abduction & Prostitution

CIA, criminal espionage agency, crimes

Unreported war is being waged by the United States, and Britain, to restore power to the privileged classes.

The Secret Wars of the criminal espionage agencies CIA.
October 22, 2010
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