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Walter Brasch is an award-winning journalist and university professor. He is the author of 16 books, mostly on social issues, the media, and popular culture. His latest books are AMERICA'S UNPATRIOTIC ACTS; THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'S VIOLATION OF CONSTITUTIONAL AND CIVIL RIGHTS . . . 'UNACCEPTABLE': THE FEDERAL RESPONSE TO HURRICANE KATRINA . . . and SEX AND THE SINGLE BEER CAN; PROBING THE MEDIA AND AMERICAN CULTURE. The books are available at major online bookstores. You may contact Dr. Brasch at: brasch@bloomu.edu. His website is www.walterbrasch.com

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Walter Brasch
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02/19/2011 07:37:19Sexual Assault Coverage by Media Shows Double Standard, Paternalism, and Sexism
11/28/2010 12:08:17Fairness and the Bristol Stomp
10/27/2010 08:08:44The Politicians' Bible: Bringing in the Receipts
08/10/2010 03:41:08'No Drama Obama' Needs a Strong Second Act
08/06/2010 04:34:18Shining the Light of The New Colossus Into Arizona
08/04/2010 16:18:51Heat Wave Washes Away American Ideals: LeBron James, the Media, and the American Soul
06/30/2010 04:39:50The Civilian and the General: The Reality Behind the McChrystal Interview Fall-Out
06/14/2010 05:10:09'R'Oil Indignation
06/04/2010 05:17:53Oily Politics Led to Environmental Disaster
05/01/2010 05:51:07Hammering Out a Contract: Exploiting Low-Paid Workers at a Vo-Tech School
03/23/2010 05:40:36The Racism of Health Reform Hate
02/21/2010 14:49:42FOUND: U.S. Constitution
01/28/2010 06:48:59Err America
11/27/2009 08:18:03Rush to Judgment: Talk Radio's 'Truth Detector' Blows a Fuse—Again
11/15/2009 22:42:10Lawsuit Accuses WSU's Murrow College of Violating Journalism Professor's First Amendment Rights
11/14/2009 09:47:35Legacies, Celebrities, and Media Skanks
10/22/2009 07:19:43Scary Isn't a Kid in a Halloween Costume
09/22/2009 09:55:17A Lot of Sorry But(t)s
09/15/2009 05:21:47Late Breaking — Sometimes Broken — News
09/03/2009 06:17:01Michael Vick: Remorseful Eagle or Smirking Dirty Bird
08/20/2009 03:20:24British-American Speaks Out About Benefits Of Health Care In British Commonwealth
08/17/2009 05:15:51The Great Government Swine Flu Conspiracy
08/07/2009 07:22:28Disrespectful and Disgraceful: The Republican Policy Against First Responders
08/03/2009 04:14:17Prescribing Cake to Cure the Health Care Crisis
07/07/2009 05:40:29You Betcha Sarah Palin Has a Higher Calling
06/27/2009 08:32:32Tarnished Shields: The Morally Bankrupt 'Family Values' Republican Leadership
06/20/2009 06:29:53Twelve Angry White People: Jury Nullification in a Pennsylvania Coal Town
06/13/2009 04:18:56Waiving the Rules for Old Glory
05/21/2009 08:47:45The Dick Cheney Magical Mystery Media Tour
04/23/2009 20:04:11The Americans Are Revolting
04/04/2009 10:29:04Pennsylvania's Signs of Spring
03/24/2009 16:56:13An American Outrage: Bernie, AIG, and Us
03/20/2009 06:10:51The Painful Cost of ‘Breed Standards’: Mutilation vs. Cosmetics
03/02/2009 06:54:25The Beeper Cacophony
02/22/2009 11:02:56Toothless: The Watchdog Press That Became the Government’s Lapdog - PART II: The Lapdogs Get Some Teeth
02/14/2009 18:19:17 Toothless: The Watchdog Press That Became the Government’s Lapdog
02/05/2009 20:57:30The Republicans Have Nothing to Party About
01/19/2009 11:28:35From the Hudson to the Potomac: Courage and Hope for a Depressed Nation
01/12/2009 13:07:25Unnecessary Concerns: Democratic Leadership Should Have Little Fear of an Obama Administration
12/29/2008 13:23:43The $6 Million Social Worker
12/21/2008 19:13:31One Leg Raised on the Bush–Cheney Legacy: Deconstructing the Spin and Propaganda
12/08/2008 08:12:01Hit me, Congress, One More Time: Bailing Out the Auto Industry
12/07/2008 19:01:06They Auto Know Better: Fueling Anti-Union Fires
11/30/2008 07:45:39A Turkey By Any Other Description — Is Still the Governor of Alaska
11/17/2008 14:09:10Making an Invisible Minority Less Invisible
11/02/2008 10:18:51America's Buddy-Buddy Campaign Press Corps
10/28/2008 07:46:26Going Negative Is Not a Positive Way to Get Votes
10/26/2008 17:55:14Conservative Group Is Right: - Free Speech Is Not a Political Issue
10/21/2008 10:21:26Seizing America by Withholding the Mother’s Milk of Politics
10/09/2008 03:02:33Burning the First Amendment
10/01/2008 07:55:26Stampeded by Fear, Scammed by Lies: Why the Bailout Failed
09/12/2008 01:57:54No News is Bad News: TV News and The Political Conventions
09/04/2008 16:10:26Americans Need to Tear Down This Wall
08/17/2008 22:07:23‘Medaling’ With Free Speech at the Olympics
08/17/2008 14:42:06Mining Racism in a Northeastern Pennsylvania Town
08/14/2008 04:24:18Geo Beach: A Swamp Yankee in the Last Frontier
07/24/2008 12:50:33It’s Still the Economy, Stupid
07/13/2008 13:48:47Is Barack Obama Patriotic? Is Any Politician?
07/13/2008 13:07:33The Rocket's Red Glare May Be Chinese
07/09/2008 02:14:46Pennsylvania Legislature Won’t Be Able to Soar Like Eagles Until It Shoots Down Animal Cruelty
06/27/2008 11:38:17Pennsylvania Politics: Resolved to Continue Bigotry
06/05/2008 17:26:24The Politics of Humanitarian Aid
05/30/2008 13:07:11Gays, God, and Government: Self-righteousness in the State Capitols
05/19/2008 06:07:26President Bush's Week-Long Adventure
05/17/2008 01:14:02All the News That Fits—In 500 words or a Graphic
05/09/2008 23:04:32People. People Who Don't Need People
01/18/2008 01:11:58Spouting Change to Stay the Same
01/11/2008 09:47:03The Disconnected Media
12/22/2007 10:28:07Jamie Lynn Spears, the mass media, and Abstinence-only education - OOPS! The Media Did It Again
11/30/2007 08:42:18George W. Bush’s ‘Convenient’ Truth
11/14/2007 12:23:25Emergency Rule and Hope for Pakistan
11/01/2007 01:20:28A Halloween Scare
10/04/2007 20:27:33Why Bush Should Have Signed the Children’s Health Act
09/22/2007 18:41:55Commanding Constitutional Disrespect
09/02/2007 14:59:55Fake Photos Helped Lead U.S. to Invade Iraq
07/29/2007 15:36:45Leaders Afraid to Lead: Empty Rhetoric in Congress
06/14/2007 20:40:56Up and Down the Bush Philosophy
05/10/2007 13:26:26An Ill Wind and American Policy
03/17/2007 14:54:42An Intolerant Minority
03/03/2007 15:37:06A Television Snow Job
01/29/2007 12:32:47Give War a Chance
12/31/2006 14:18:28Making the World Safer for Terrorism
11/15/2006 06:28:54Yo Ho Ho and an Embottled Rummy
10/09/2006 01:21:04Sex, Lies, and Family Values
09/17/2006 06:13:41The Bush Magical Mystery Political Capital Tour


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