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10/31/2010 18:41:51What We Face in the United States
09/15/2010 06:00:10The Truth and Its Consequences
09/01/2010 05:13:50Bye Bye American Pie
08/24/2010 04:51:24American Propaganda
08/15/2010 00:28:50We Hold These Truths...
08/12/2010 21:48:32Excuse The American Left Mr. Gibbs
08/08/2010 18:15:51Are We Crazy?
08/06/2010 04:53:56American Designs in Latin America
08/06/2010 04:08:50Why Afghanistan?
06/30/2010 04:59:32The Painful Truth
06/19/2010 17:11:32The Rising Tide of the American Left (Part I)
06/18/2010 04:02:42The American Pirate Nation
06/11/2010 05:22:35Supporting Obama
05/17/2010 05:14:45Government Semantics and Stupid Americans
05/08/2010 16:26:34Socialism? Un-American? I Think Not!
04/20/2010 04:37:36If Not Us, Then Who?
04/15/2010 04:22:51We Are All in this Together
03/24/2010 05:39:13The U.S. is on a Precipice
02/21/2010 21:21:43Dump Both Political Parties
02/21/2010 20:16:53Iran and a Bellicose United
02/11/2010 05:21:14American Empire - Part I
01/28/2010 06:44:25Mr. Obama, Do You Believe Us Now?
01/28/2010 06:35:50Perseverance
01/09/2010 09:35:58Clouding the Issues
01/08/2010 15:29:12This Year, The Gloves Come Off
12/25/2009 12:20:25Bread and Circuses, an Old Idea in a New Era
11/27/2009 08:01:48 America's Pending Collapse
10/28/2009 20:53:58Why Socialism Matters Today
10/22/2009 05:41:55A Fist in the System
10/10/2009 06:43:57Can We Win in Afghanistan and Would it be Worth the Price?
09/26/2009 21:05:37Why Obama has Problems with the New American Left
09/26/2009 20:10:26Talking Revolution
09/21/2009 05:24:23What to Do When the Right Lies
08/19/2009 05:16:57Obama's Corporate Health Care Scam
08/05/2009 05:35:08Dark Days are Here and There's 'nary a Whisper
08/03/2009 17:01:07Faux "Progressives"
08/01/2009 06:36:10Why Do So Many Americans Mistrust Their Own Government?
07/07/2009 04:39:37Cynthia McKinney in Israeli Prison!
07/04/2009 04:40:41Socialism and Obama
06/28/2009 15:40:15Sanford and "Principle"
06/20/2009 06:38:16Stand or Remain Complicit
06/15/2009 05:24:55America Incorporated
05/26/2009 20:09:07Disengenuous Debates
05/21/2009 08:34:15It's Not Too Late to Save America
04/30/2009 17:23:54It's the Flu People!
04/01/2009 08:47:26The American Mainstream Media: Garbage In – Garbage Out
03/30/2009 08:37:12Obama Looks More and More Like Bush
03/21/2009 09:43:15Didn’t We All See This Coming?
03/21/2009 07:58:37We Have Seen the Enemy…
03/19/2009 05:35:05Too Many Problems and No Authority to Solve Them
03/17/2009 07:30:00Iran: The Propaganda Never Stops
03/04/2009 21:54:54Sovereignty Resolutions in 20 States
03/04/2009 21:21:10Preaching to the Choir?
03/02/2009 07:02:41The Corporacracy and Their Cronies Sold Us Out
02/28/2009 09:36:24Israeli AND American War Crimes?
02/10/2009 11:36:12Where in The Constitution Does It Say America is a "Christian Nation"?
02/07/2009 12:20:54Americans are Funding and Supporting Genocide
02/05/2009 19:31:34Different Faces Selling the Same Old Product
01/15/2009 20:36:36Americans Refuse to Accept Reality
01/15/2009 19:45:27White Phosphorus Being Used Against Gaza is a War Crime
01/11/2009 09:59:55Pax Americana: Is this What We Really Want?
01/11/2009 08:22:03The Time to Hold The Media Accountable Has Come!
01/07/2009 06:13:17Stop Censoring International News in America!
01/07/2009 05:39:55Political Theater with Dick Cheney
01/03/2009 11:36:17Gaza and Hamas: A One-Way Street
12/25/2008 09:20:45House of Lords or U.S. Senate?
12/21/2008 16:55:00No Pardon for Criminals in Government
12/16/2008 08:18:45Who Do You Think You Are Anyway?
12/13/2008 21:08:49The Government, the People and the Status Quo
12/07/2008 20:09:47Censorship in America?
12/04/2008 08:03:09Afraid of the Truth
11/28/2008 06:03:15America, Islam and Prejudice
11/14/2008 10:25:23Where is Our Nation Heading?
11/10/2008 13:38:39The Election: It Had to Be this Way
11/06/2008 06:07:21Is The Nightmare Over Yet?
11/02/2008 13:44:11A Few Outrageous Lies
10/27/2008 14:26:09The Illusion of Democracy
10/12/2008 02:12:44Lies from the Corporate Political Parties
10/05/2008 11:21:21America needs a "Shadow Government"
10/01/2008 08:45:49Welcome to America's Nightmare
09/29/2008 10:50:12Federal Corruption and Meaningless Elections
09/11/2008 23:59:35The Issues and the Constitution Obama Ignores
09/11/2008 23:53:12The Issues and the Constitution Obama Ignores
09/04/2008 16:07:54Democracy and Empire: Both Illusions
08/17/2008 11:09:14Change People NEED to Believe


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