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Peter Stern



Peter Stern, of Driftwood, TX, a former director of information services, university professor, public school administrator, is a political writer published frequently throughout the Texas community and nationwide. He is a disabled Vietnam veteran and holds three post-graduate degrees. He may be contacted at pstern@austin.rr.com

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Peter Stern
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06/03/2011 19:35:13Public Education: How To Improve It and Cut The Cost
08/12/2010 22:06:32Misinformed Views of Americans and Mid-Eastern People by Americans and Mid-Eastern People
08/06/2010 05:39:31U.S. is Friendless in the Middle East
06/20/2010 03:36:55Why America Is One Step Away From Becoming An Abomination The Long Journey To Nowhere Brings Us Back To Ourselves
05/17/2010 05:00:08Impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on the Texas oil industry
05/14/2010 04:11:36Predicting Political Beliefs Among America's Oppressed Middle Class
05/03/2010 05:46:07What is behind Arizona's new immigration law
04/28/2010 05:47:22Who Was Responsible For Our Current Financial Crisis?
04/25/2010 20:52:59Nazism never dies: it survives within our shadows
04/24/2010 07:48:35During The Past Decade Did The U.S. Change For The Better?
04/04/2010 05:01:42Ideas for improving the United States public education system
03/31/2010 04:35:44Should US school districts provide cash rewards for high grades and test scores?
03/19/2010 06:43:44Public Education: How to improve it and cut the cost the fight against mediocrity
03/10/2010 22:21:44Building Border Walls... Is it to keep people out, or to keep them in?
02/21/2010 18:56:42America Rages On....Why Can't We Learn From Our Previous Mistakes? America, the Beautiful ain’t so pretty any more.
01/31/2010 17:41:53The Great Unemployment Mystery
01/24/2010 08:42:33'Spinning Our Wheels' with Public Education - Financing and Improving Public Education: Still an issue of legal and moral responsibility
11/23/2009 23:17:51The Great Unemployment Mystery
11/23/2009 21:29:20Time to Quell Excessive Power of Credit Bureaus Sometimes Ruling Life or Death
11/23/2009 21:29:20Time to Quell Excessive Power of Credit Bureaus Sometimes Ruling Life or Death
11/14/2009 08:17:38"Do-Nothing" Congress Evolves Into "Do-Little" Congress... or, if you want to do a job right, don't give it to Congress
10/25/2009 19:19:01VETERANS DAY: Time to Recognize and Honor Efforts of Our Veterans It's also time to meet their needs
10/05/2009 18:22:32Economically Speaking: Is America Burning?
09/26/2009 21:21:43Still a Rogue Nation
09/09/2009 04:50:42America's Treacherous New Disease: Unemployment
07/31/2009 19:36:05Health Care Crisis: Why do Americans need 2 health care plans to be fully covered? It's hard enough to afford one plan.
07/22/2009 10:57:02What's Wrong with Extending Medicare for All Americans? How Much Profiteering Is Really Needed?
07/13/2009 04:33:38Still a Rogue Nation: Time to change the course of U.S. history - America, the Beautiful ain't so pretty any more
07/08/2009 05:44:50Health Care Industry Says "No Government Plan" For All
07/07/2009 05:11:30On Krauthammer, Obama and even Bush - Has Obama's Shelf-Life Expired?
07/02/2009 05:39:50Veterans' Suicide: A Painful National And Local Community Issue
06/15/2009 05:13:15Suicide: a painful national and local community issue - Veterans are hit hardest
06/06/2009 06:05:10Open Letter to President Obama and the Administration
05/24/2009 04:02:23Americans are Crumbling Under Excessive Health Care Premium Costs
05/21/2009 08:22:45On Auto Manufacturers, Tax Dollars and Import Tariffs
03/24/2009 17:05:11Closing GITMO: Dick Cheney just needs to herd cattle in Wyoming
01/17/2009 07:36:14Preventing Voter Fraud: Hey, buddy, y'all got a photo ID?
01/12/2009 15:07:19Gas Tax Revenue just another legislative 'slush fund' - More legislative "cronyism"
01/04/2009 10:14:01Biblical Plague: Arabs vs. Jews, Jews vs. Arabs in the Promised Land
12/30/2008 18:06:46Corruption is a Way of Life in America
12/16/2008 09:01:48American Capita-Socialism - Corruption is a Way of Life in America, Who is to blame?
12/16/2008 08:45:06A Texan in King Obama's Court - Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk Next U.S. Transportation Chief?
12/13/2008 21:08:44Merry Christmas for the Chosen Few
12/08/2008 07:01:38No Inoculations: U.S. Economic Plague Runs Its Course
08/17/2008 19:53:25Under Bush Khristian GOP Idiocy : Number Of Uneducated U.S. Children Increases
08/14/2008 03:44:16Voter Myths Regarding McCain and Obama - Fact or Fiction?
06/27/2008 17:05:27Rogue Nation - Time to change the course of U.S. history


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