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Brenda Norrell



Brenda Norrell has been a news reporter in Indian country for 23 years, working as a staff reporter for Navajo Times and Indian Country Today and as an AP correspondent during the 18 years she lived on the Navajo Nation. She can be reached at brendanorrell@yahoo.com

She blogs at http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/

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Brenda Norrell
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11/28/2010 11:25:52AIM Women: Infiltration and Stalking by US Agents
11/28/2010 11:20:07Navajo Jean Whitehorse: Boarding schools, relocation and sterilization
05/01/2010 05:58:33Bolivia: Life lessons from Alaskan Native Women
04/25/2010 20:44:24US Shuns 'Rights of Mother Earth'
04/18/2010 05:19:53Mohawk Men's Council: Border Patrol attacks, one Mohawk paralyzed
04/16/2010 04:30:33Native American Grassroots Delegation to Bolivia Climate Summit
02/28/2010 20:36:18O'odham Ofelia Rivas Imprisoned in Mexico
01/31/2010 16:06:07Shame on the New York Times for Fueling Border Misery
01/08/2010 15:05:45Ten Native Events of the Decade
12/09/2009 08:35:39A new emerging news industry seeks higher moral ground
12/09/2009 06:25:56North American Indigenous Call For Strong Climate Change Action in Denmark
11/28/2009 08:38:19Return to Alcatraz: 40 Years of Resistance
11/23/2009 22:44:40US Censorship: Editors the blood is on your hands
10/28/2009 19:52:38Faking the News
10/27/2009 06:04:30Navajo Generating Station 'Lets put it in our backyard' (satire)
10/05/2009 18:57:57Armchair journalists and the lessons of McCarthyism
10/05/2009 18:32:12Chief Red Cloud to Obama: Black Hills are not for sale
09/03/2009 06:48:29Buffy Sainte Marie: Uranium, an interview and a photograph
08/01/2009 10:00:14Uncensoring war and disease profiteers
04/20/2009 00:07:54Mexico and US EPA conspire for a toxic dump in the Tohono O'odham traditional ceremonial community in Sonora, Mexico
03/20/2009 06:04:09Tohono O'odham: Border Militarization and Abuse Accelerates
03/14/2009 14:14:59Alaska Natives protest uranium exploration on Iditarod Trail
02/28/2009 10:05:34Censorship and the heroes of our generation
02/02/2009 04:59:11Alaskan Natives file suit against Jesuits for rape
01/11/2009 10:22:43Russell Means: Breaking the silence on Obama
01/11/2009 07:50:13Obama's silence and General Dynamics
01/07/2009 05:39:51Party time on the border: Hasta la vista Chertoff!
01/04/2009 11:05:25New York Times pimping for gold
01/04/2009 09:45:56Native radio journalists urged a war crimes tribunal for Bush and immediate withdrawal from Iraq
01/03/2009 11:26:25The United States was voted the Worst Company in the World, followed by Monsanto, Peabody Energy Corp. and Barrick Gold
12/21/2008 17:04:23Paiutes, descendants of Wovoka, want reburial for Spirit Cave Man
12/21/2008 10:11:47Tohono O'odham Women on the Border
12/20/2008 18:43:28A time for eagles: Code Pink, Muntadar and Ackerman
12/13/2008 21:05:40Navajo and Hopi: 'Black Mesa is not for sale'
12/13/2008 20:09:04Maddog attack by Bush Inc. on Indian lands
12/07/2008 16:23:15Western Shoshone protest Barrick Gold's destruction on sacred Mount Tenabo on Wednesday. Shoshone call for help to establish an encampment.
11/30/2008 08:00:03Thanksgiving the "Cortez" Way - U.S. Ignores Western Shoshone Objections – Barrick Gold Readies Itself to Carve up Mount Tenabo Spiritual Area
11/17/2008 13:25:22A stinking corpse: US deceit and theft of Navajo water right
11/06/2008 08:04:55The Long Road West, Obama, Racism and the Future
11/02/2008 09:14:28Mohawks: Canada's Aboriginal Army and Colonization
10/06/2008 12:11:59Navajo, Hopi and Lakota delegation warned Lehman Brothers of consequences of mining sacred site
08/17/2008 10:19:25Censored in the USA: Hush words by Brenda Norrell - Native Press Censorship
08/06/2008 15:03:12Border endangering Indigenous cultures and ceremonies
07/13/2008 13:14:18Walking with integrity, the Peoples Walk carries sacred items to the east
06/18/2008 16:28:54Mohawks Kahentinetha and Katenies beaten by gang of border officers
06/03/2008 13:06:53Hopi and Navajo Truth Confirmed in Censored Climate Report
01/18/2008 01:16:46US Apartheid of Indigenous Peoples documented in UN report
01/17/2008 20:41:50In Texas, Bush legacy sours
01/08/2008 09:27:04Apaches rise to defend homelands from Homeland Security
01/05/2008 20:12:34Indigenous land owners in Texas plea for immediate intervention, US prepares to seize lands for border wall
01/04/2008 22:25:14Lakota Oyate: Recovering Lakota territory after trail of broken treaties
12/29/2007 06:23:42Chief Big Foot Riders Return To Wounded Knee, "We Want To Be Free"
12/25/2007 12:35:09Censorship, struggling against the new McCarthyism
12/12/2007 23:37:56Indigenous barred from UN Climate Negotiations in Bali
12/10/2007 00:35:20Barbed Wire: Another layer of border genocide
12/06/2007 23:54:37Spin sets up Blackwater at border, while military smuggles drugs
11/17/2007 09:53:06Fighting Apartheid at the borders of Arizona and Palestine
11/16/2007 18:41:37Mohawks Inflamed Over Tohono O'odham Tribal Council Complicity In "Border" Oppression Of Indigenous People - U.S. welcomes rich and kills the poor
11/14/2007 09:41:18End of the game: Indigenous Peoples' bringing down Apartheid wall
11/14/2007 09:32:01US Apartheid Wall under construction on Native Tohono O'odham lands


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