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Saddam Hanging Video - The Execution of Hussein who was Hung Yesterday
Sunday, 31 December 2006 14:36
Saddam may have killed thousands of Iraqis. He may have gassed the Kurds. He may have looked the other way when his 2 sons raped and murdered Iraqis for shits and giggles. He may have brutalized anyone that looked at him funny. And he may very well have deserved to die for his actions.

But none of that is really the point here. He didn't have anything to do with 9/11. He didn't have WMDs that anyone found over many years. He wasn't harboring terrorists. And he wasn't in cahoots with Osama Bin Laden.

So what business does the US have in invading his country, putting him on trial in a sham trial and executing him?


This was all a bullshit show for Saddam trying to kill Georgie's daddy... a total farce that is an absolute embarassment and black eye for America.

If he was guilty under international law, then that is one thing - but for the US to go into Iraq and remove Saddam from power and execute him for crimes against humanity - is a war crime in itself.

After all... ...which government enabled him?

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Saddam Execution Hanging Video - Dead Body


Juan Cole  also notes a sectarian twist:

The tribunal also had a unique sense of timing when choosing the day for Saddam's hanging. It was a slap in the face to Sunni Arabs. This weekend marks Eid al-Adha, the Holy Day of Sacrifice, on which Muslims commemorate the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son for God. Shiites celebrate it Sunday. Sunnis celebrate it Saturday –- and Iraqi law forbids executing the condemned on a major holiday. Hanging Saddam on Saturday was perceived by Sunni Arabs as the act of a Shiite government that had accepted the Shiite ritual calendar.

The timing also allowed Saddam, in his farewell address to Iraq, to pose as a “sacrifice” for his nation, an explicit reference to Eid al-Adha. The tribunal had given the old secular nationalist the chance to use religious language to play on the sympathies of the whole Iraqi public.

From Robert Fisk


Who encouraged Saddam to invade Iran in 1980, which was the greatest war crime he has committed for it led to the deaths of a million and a half souls? And who sold him the components for the chemical weapons with which he drenched Iran and the Kurds? We did. No wonder the Americans, who controlled Saddam's weird trial, forbad any mention of this, his most obscene atrocity, in the charges against him. Could he not have been handed over to the Iranians for sentencing for this massive war crime? Of course not. Because that would also expose our culpability.

But his execution will go down - correctly - as an American affair and time will add its false but lasting gloss to all this - that the West destroyed an Arab leader who no longer obeyed his orders from Washington, that, for all his wrongdoing (and this will be the terrible get-out for Arab historians, this shaving away of his crimes) Saddam died a "martyr" to the will of the new "Crusaders"


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Comments (17)add comment

justin rees said:

i loved saddam he was a hero
saddam never hurt anybody like bob geldolf who pretends to heal the world saddam had a great sence of humour that made me laugh and yes he killed the odd million people but that dont make him a monster so did king richard in the holly war but hes a hero so lets hear it for saddam and lets hang tony blair for the fun of it hes the bastard that put my council tax up every year
December 31, 2006
Votes: -1

james boltmore said:

im not sure what this achieves
instead of hanging saddam maybe they should have let gary glitter have his ass while listening to telly tubbies music ps if geri halliwell see this can she phone me as i think shes lush and i like her eyes and her teeth and her body and her hair and her teeth and her ears and her teeth yes shes sexy call me on 02920679343 you can also call if you want special loving
December 31, 2006
Votes: +0

alan rees said:

hey baby
they should have given him a lesiuretime holiday instead of hanging him as thats the worst people to holiday with there shit oh geri if you fancy a holiday dont go to lesiuretime go to 18 heol deva cardiff your welcome there babe
December 31, 2006
Votes: +0

Denise said:

He wasn't so bad...
So he killed millions, and ignored his son's rapes and torture, and gassed thousands of people, but, like Hitler before him, what business was it of the Americans? They should stay put in their own damn country, and let Hitler, and Saddam do what they please. The Netherlands would be a better place today if the damn Americans would have stayed out of Europe - and Iraq.
January 01, 2007
Votes: +0

CWW said:

Does Ex Pres. George Bush Sr. Feel Better NOW?!
Do President George W. Bush and Ex President George Bush Sr. Feel Better NOW?! Well Maybe for the Moment They Do, BUT the World Public Has The Last Word on this one, and I think It Will Be a Four Letter one... LIAR!!! And Denise you Might be Right about the Netherlands being a Better place if the "DAMN AMERICANS" had stayed out of Europe, IT AND YOU WOULDN'T EXIST!!
:- smilies/grin.gif smilies/wink.gif
January 01, 2007
Votes: +0

ray said:

shut up
If we americans never did anything to help you helpless people out the whole damn world would be messed up and you would be in a world of pain. I suggest you shut your mouths and quit talking. what we did to saddam was right, he deserved it and it needed to happen. you should be thankful for america for putting up with baby counties like you. oh yeah if it wasnt for us europe wouldnt even be a country so be thankful for americans and what we did for you.THE PATRIOT smilies/angry.gif
January 01, 2007
Votes: +0

DeathHunter said:

My New Year Gift
No gift can be better than having my own copy of saddam's death video on my cell. Its one video I will enjoy in any mood and will make me extremely happy. The next best one will be the coward Bin Laden which is soon to come. Stil dont understand why people call him a hero. He was one of gods rarest mistakes. Iraqi people were dancing and enjoying that buggers death while the whole world was pleading not to kill him. People can give crap as long as they didnt go through what Iraqi people went through. They can sit at home confortably on their couch and tell all the bullshit. Kick those hippocrats to Iraq and soon you can see the difference. I support what America did 100%. I am not one of those fake people who can forget friends and family who died on Sept 11. Such bastards who with support of some religion should be tortured and hanged in public. Let there be terrotists but not with support of a religion or soon every son or daughter who has lost someone is gonna take guns and hunt down all these religious activists. Maybe that is the best thing to do...May the 21st century's biggest fool rest in pieces... To hell with that crap...
January 01, 2007
Votes: -1

daniel said:

yes he may have..
may have killed bajillions. may have had really bad intentions. and he may have killed bajillions more. but..

January 01, 2007
Votes: +0

Louis "B Real" Freese said:

true nigga
that homie and i use to puff puff give all the time we hung out 24/7 in the 90's we would even shower together
January 01, 2007
Votes: +0

whatever said:

re: ray: shut up
oh yeah if it wasnt for us europe wouldnt even be a country so be thankful for americans and what we did for you. THE PATRIOT

Oh yeah man, you really nailed it didn't you! To be a true patriot, one also have to be a smug, ignorant lard ass.
January 01, 2007
Votes: +0

Stranger said:

Its done.
Ummm if the Americans wouldnt have come to Europe we'd all be talking Russian now so, see they actually had to come or they would have lost the cold war.
Anyway Saddam deserved to die for his crimes, but not by American hands. That invasion was compleet bullshit as it was a unprovoked war and unsupported by the international comunity. smilies/tongue.gif
Oh and nobody seem's to talk about all those people that died because they starved to death from the boycot. Wasnt that at the same time the kurdie's where suposedly murdered by Saddam???
January 02, 2007
Votes: +0

Dave Peters said:

Pay for View
Could have paid for some of the war costs by making the execution a 39.95 pay for view event. What, 10 million signing up? I would have paid for it....
January 03, 2007
Votes: +0

eggman said:

We will make war against war...
if saddam was executed then pres. Bush also must be executed...he murdered thousands of fellow americans in his own land...(remember 9/11)
January 03, 2007
Votes: +0

BFD said:

WTF! I'm a buddhist but I keep finding myself overjoyed with the death of Saddam. I believe that we (America) were in Iraq under false pretences and with a hidden agenda but, I also believe that the man got what was coming to him. Does it make me a "bad" person or just human? The buddha taught a path of non-violence but he also said that everything happens for a reason. Truth is, I find myself glad that the world is free of this tyrant! I know it's not part of the "eight fold path" but I also keep findind myself wishing for the destruction of all these vicious monsters. Are there any other pasivest out there who feel the same way? Be honest!!! BTW, Justin R. You cant be serious! Bob Geldof has been noted for saying that he's but a small spark in a movement to stretch the mind of humanity, "here to save the world"... by doing what he feels is right. So the phuk what if he takes pride in what he does? Are you a pissed off skin-head or just a hater of self professed do-gooders or bleeding hearts... Or just a flat out racist? ... Really, I'd honestly like to know... if you think you can answer that honestly. Truth be told, I find myself feeling a little bit the same way. (I really don't like Hippies!!!) and it kind of troubles me. A part of me knows that I can't fully except myself or anything else for that matter with that point of view though.
January 06, 2007
Votes: +0

comrade said:

i dont understand why theres no such thing as strawberry pudding.
January 07, 2007
Votes: +0

a guest said:

April 08, 2007
Votes: +0

Baxti said:

You Mother fuckers!!! How can you even dare to be a judge on somebody's life??? I would see your honky asses while being hung!!! Only GOD can judge, besides, go and try to wash your bullshit mouthes off!!!
March 04, 2008
Votes: +0

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