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Alliance With Atrocity: Bush's Terror War Partners in Ethiopia
Wednesday, 20 June 2007 11:35
by Chris Floyd

The New York Times paints a pretty picture of George W. Bush's bosom pals in Ethiopia, in an important story that once again gives the howling lie to the Bushists' pretensions of advancing freedom and democracy in their world-encircling Terror War.

Of course, the story itself, by Jeffrey Gettleman, is marred by the usual uncritical acceptance of Administration spin on its key role in aiding the Ethiopian dictatorship's aggression in Somalia, and ignores entirely the American airstrikes during the invasion that killed scores of civilians (and are still going on in the Somali hinterland). This is not surprising, given that Gettleman's last big piece from the region was a truly odious bit of propaganda hackwork that essentially painted the victims of the aggression as greedy, worthless, anarchic trash who got what was coming to them. (See "The Lies of the Times: NYT Pushes Bush Line on Somalia.")

Still, the new article is a vast improvement on its predecessor, employing a journalistic device that is increasingly rare in the higher circles of the coporate media: reportage. Gettleman has actually gone to the Ogaden desert to talk with victims of the Ethiopian dictatorships's savage internal repression. He actually details Ethiopia's brutal crackdown on its nascent democracy movement, and its strangling of free elections in 2005 — and even compares it to the murderous Chinese reaction to the historic Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.

(Of course, Bush only increased American military aid to Ethiopia after the 2005 repression — just as his father never let the Tiananmen massacre derail his courtship of China's leaders, which has paid off so handsomely for America's ruling family, with fat Chinese contracts for son Neil and lucre aplenty for George I's brother, Prescott Jr., long-time head of the Chinese-American Chamber of Commerce. Who wants to bet that Ethiopia will soon adopt Neil's latest wheeze, a"computer learning" gizmo he is marketing with business partners like Boris Berezovsky and Sun Myung Moon? For more on the Warbuckian Bushes, see "Uncle Sugar" and  "Buried Treasure.")

So let's give credit where it's due. Although Gettleman downplays the American partnership with Ethiopia's conquest of Somalia — and takes 40 paragraphs before he mentions that the European Commission is now investigating Bush's partner for war crimes "in connection to hundreds of Somali civilians killed by Ethiopian troops" — he does bring in a Democratic congressman to decry the U.S. military alliance with Ethiopia, and its bitter fruit in Somalia. I believe this is the first time I've seen such a criticism aired by an elected official in a story from the major corporate media since the attack on Somalia last December.

What's more, the Timesman admirably puts the suffering of the persecuted ethnic Somalis of Ethiopia's Ogaden desert front and center in the story. And he makes an explicit connection between the perpetrators of these atrocities and their staunch supporters in the Bush Administration:

In village after village, people said they had been brutalized by government troops. They described a widespread and longstanding reign of terror, with Ethiopian soldiers gang-raping women, burning down huts and killing civilians at will.

It is the same military that the American government helps train and equip — and provides with prized intelligence. The two nations have been allies for years, but recently they have grown especially close, teaming up last winter to oust an Islamic movement that controlled much of Somalia and rid the region of a potential terrorist threat.

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Of course, even in making this connection, which ties the Bush Administration directly to the atrocities detailed in the story, Gettleman still totes White House water by retailing, as unqualified fact, the baseless charge that the overthrown Somali regime was a "potential terrorist threat" — and thus a legitimate target for the Terror War treatment. (Then again, you could say that any group or any person is a "potential" terrorist threat. If that's your basis for "intervention," then you can invade, detain or kill anyone you like. Which, as we have often pointed out here, is actually the operating philosophy of the Bush Regime.) But let's brush aside Gettleman's knee-jerk spin, and return to the facts and testimonies he unearths.

Anab, a 40-year-old camel herder who was too frightened, like many others, to give her last name, said soldiers took her to a police station, put her in a cell and twisted her nipples with pliers. She said government security forces routinely rounded up young women under the pretext that they were rebel supporters so they could bring them to jail and rape them. “Me, I am old,” she said, “but they raped me, too.”

...Human Rights Watch issued a report in 2005 that documented a rampage by government troops against members of the Anuak, a minority tribe in western Ethiopia, in which soldiers ransacked homes, beat villagers to death with iron bars and in one case, according to a witness, tied up a prisoner and ran over him with a military truck.

...[Ethiopia's] leaders...had promised to let some air into a very stultified political system during the national elections of 2005, which were billed as a milestone on the road to democracy. Instead, they turned into Ethiopia’s version of Tiananmen Square. With the opposition poised to win a record number of seats in Parliament, the government cracked down brutally, opening fire on demonstrators, rounding up tens of thousands of opposition supporters and students and leveling charges of treason and even attempted to kill top opposition leaders, including the man elected mayor of Addis Ababa.

As everywhere in the world where violence and repression flourish, women have been particular victims. (Of course, given the Administration's proven track record of callous disregard for the world's most vulnerable women, the fate of the Ogaden women is not likely to trouble the White House very much.)

Asma, 19, who now lives in neighboring Somaliland, said she was stuck in an underground cell for more than six months last year, raped and tortured. “They beat me on the feet and breasts,” she said. She was freed only after her father paid the soldiers ransom, she said, though she did not know how much.

Ambaro, 25, now living in Addis Ababa, said she was gang-raped by five Ethiopian soldiers in January near the town of Fik. She said troops came to her village every night to pluck another young woman. “I’m in pain now, all over my body,” she said. “ I’m worried that I’ll become crazy because of what happened.”

As Gettleman notes, the struggle in the Ogaden was simply ignored by the Bush Adminstration — until a rebel Ogaden faction staged a bloody attack on an oilfield in Ethiopia last April. Raping women and beating villagers to death, that's just background noise; but messing with the sacred crude — now, that's serious. So now the Bush administration is seriously considering Ethiopia's oft-repeated request for Washington "to add the Ogaden National Liberation Front to its list of designated foreign terrorist organizations."  That could open the spigot to even more U.S. military aid for the dictatorship, and perhaps even bring America's secret Terror Warriors — such as the Special Forces units operating in Somalia today — into the Ogaden.

After all, for America's war-profiteering ruling family, and its many like-minded barons among the respectable elite, you can never have too many killing fields to play upon — just as your proxies can never be brutal enough to forfeit your aid...as long as they keep doing your bidding.
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Comments (7)add comment

a guest said:

thanx chris floyd
absolutely you talked the truth if any one welcomes it, you said what is realy can bring peace and democracy for the people of the poor region [horn of africa].

i beleive if many of the oppressed and defenceless people get there rights, than soon there would be a peace. the oromo,ogadenis and any other ethnic group live in fear from wht would be there own govrnment.

Abdurahman Ahmed from ogadenia
June 20, 2007 | url
Votes: +0

a guest said:

What a wonderful article you put everything cristal clear. i am from Ethiopia and I never and will never understand why the US policy has a double standard when it comes to Ethiopia. And We Ethiopians have no clue why the westerns turn their face on us. All we are asking from them is not to free us from the tyrant, We can do that ourselves, but to stop supporting our killers. Please for the sake of humanity stop the direct budgetary & defence aid and millitary training as well.
June 20, 2007
Votes: +0

a guest said:

June 21, 2007 | url
Votes: +0

a guest said:

Alliance With Atrocity: Bush's Terror War Partners in Ethiopia
I don't know what to say Chris Floyd. He has really looked at the situation in the Horn of Africa in unbiased manner. Such a manner is I think lacking for most writers of our world this time. But I would also like to suggest something: You should have incorporated more about the internal problem in Ethiopia this time like about the problem related to the election, about the free press and the like. I think u know that all pro-democracy websites (maintained by the Ethiopian diaspora) are blocked in Ethiopia. I also think that it would be better if u can write more about our neighboring dictators in Sudan and Eritrea.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
June 21, 2007 | url
Votes: +0

a guest said:

The Ethiopian government is not perfect. (No government is). It is actually far from perfect. However, it is also not as devilish as you put it here. Those of us who are close to the realities of Ethiopia have now accepted the fact that it is very difficult for distant observers who judge by absolute standards to appreciate and understand realities here. Your "interest" in truth, justice, and humanity is admirable. However, look closely in any western state and you will see there are happenings everyday that if talked about with the same vigor as African governments are painted will seem to be the worst streaks of mankind.
June 21, 2007
Votes: +0

a guest said:

This sums up all the policy of Washington:

"After all, for America's war-profiteering ruling family, and its many like-minded barons among the respectable elite, you can never have too many killing fields to play upon — just as your proxies can never be brutal enough to forfeit your aid...as long as they keep doing your bidding."
June 22, 2007
Votes: +0

a guest said:

Ogadenia will be free
It's a shame that the most powerfull nation on earth has to team up with the most dictatorship country on earth so they can defeat a freedom fighters from Ogaden, freedom fighter whom where pushed to point by the atrocities indlected upon their people by the regimes thugs in Ogaden.
U.S. was known in the past to come to the aid of freedom seeking groups or nationalities and those who want democracy and a rule of law but these days that has been changed to helping dictators around the world keep more iron grip on their people while U.S.A. is watching the torture, the rape and the extrajudicial killings and the Ethnic Ogadenian clensing in Ethiopia.

The Ogaden struggle will continue because it's a just cause from the civilian who want their independence from the regime in Addis-ababa because they have nothing in common with the rest of Ethiopia in terms of Religion, cuture, tradition, language and most of all Ogadenia is an occupied land by the Ethiopian soldiers and must be driven out because Melez Zinawi refuse to be done in a civilized way by holding a free and fair referendum.
June 26, 2007 | url
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