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Phil Rockstroh



Phil Rockstroh, a self-confessed gasbag monologist, is a poet and a musician who lives in the East Village section of New York City. For many years he was the de facto ghost writer for the endlessly touring, perpetually self-promoting, performance "poet"/musician, Chris Chandler, with whom Phil shares writing blame for Protection from All this Safety, a book of poetry and satire (Portals Press, 1997, ISBN: 0916620301).

Rockstroh has had short fiction, poetry, comedy, commentary and satire published online and in print in numerous publications (e.g., Silver Web Literary Magazine, Thin Ice, Brutarian), a few anthologies such as "From a Bend in the River," as well as set to music for various independent record labels on tapes and CDs. His work has been and is performed in venues from coffee houses to large folk festivals nationwide.

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Phil Rockstroh
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