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Michael Collins Profile Page
Michael Collins



Michael Collins is publisher of Election Fraud News and a writer who concentrates on clean elections and voting rights. He focused on elections issues after the 2004 elections and has written nearly 30 articles appearing i n "Scoop" Independent Media.

A sampling includes:

Fired Federal Prosecutors and Election Fraud,
A Formula for Catching Election Fraud,
Teardown: The Mainstream Media Turns on Bush, and The Mexican People: Heroes of Democracy.

A collection of his articles can be found here. He can be reached at MichaelCollins@ElectionFraudNews.com. Mr. Collins is located in the Washington, DC area.

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Michael Collins
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05/20/2010 05:09:03Too Big to Exist (TBE) - Big Oil
05/14/2010 04:49:40Clegg Throws the People Under the Bus
05/01/2010 06:53:17British Election Leaders' debate- The Grand Betrayal
04/21/2010 06:41:18Proving Election Fraud - Book Review by Michael Collins
04/06/2010 04:40:40WikiLeaks Video - Collateral Murder, Baghdad July 12, 2007 - Report from the WikiLeaks Press Conference - Michael Collins Reports
03/19/2010 06:58:33 "Jeopardizing U.S. Standing" – the Petraeus Controversy
03/10/2010 22:49:05First Iceland, then the World
01/31/2010 17:11:51Capitalist Tool
01/27/2010 06:54:25It's the "New Haiti!"
12/25/2009 10:35:42Triumph of the Money Party - Health Care Reform DOA. Why the Surprise? They Did what they Always Do
12/09/2009 08:21:31 The Celebration Went Unnoticed - A Major Leftist Win in Uruguay
11/27/2009 08:07:20HHS Task Force Mammogram Recs Slammed
11/15/2009 23:12:50How We Got to Zero: General Eikenberry's Hail Mary
10/01/2009 09:15:35The G-20 Announces a "New World Order"
09/11/2009 04:43:46What Obama Actually Said About Health Reform
08/24/2009 05:37:42Screwing the Self Employed Out of Health Insurance - The Sleeping Giant of Health Reform
08/07/2009 07:53:38Corporate Tantrums - Can We Trust these Companies with Our Health?
08/03/2009 18:33:15Do you deserve to die? Do your friends and family? The Forgotten Question in the Health Care Debate
07/07/2009 04:57:35A Matter of Trust - Mexico's July 5 Legislative Elections - A Three Part Series Part 2
07/04/2009 04:43:57A Matter of Trust - Mexico's July 5 Legislative Elections - A Three Part Series Part 1
06/24/2009 05:06:08"Give Me Liberty ..." Iranian People Demand Democracy
06/17/2009 04:28:40Iranian Election Fraud 2009 - Who was the Real Target and Why?
06/07/2009 18:37:16The Binary Fallacy and The End of Both Parties
05/17/2009 17:18:43THROW THE BUMS OUT - ALL OF THEM - Senate Millionaires Kill Mortgage Assistance for Citizens
05/14/2009 19:37:55The Big "Con" - Taliban About to Defeat Pakistan - Take Control of Nukes, and It's Another 9/11
04/30/2009 17:21:40Thank You Arlen Specter! - Now We're Sure to Get the Following
04/23/2009 19:52:03The Emperor and the Real Pirates
04/15/2009 03:38:22Enabling Acts for an Era of Greed - The Money Party at Work
04/09/2009 03:53:11Murder Trumps Torture Says Bugliosi
03/26/2009 20:42:05Hardball in Ohio and The Lost Ballots - Democrats May Lose Big with Brunner Senate Bid
03/11/2009 11:44:16Former Accused Iraqi Agent - Susan Lindauer, Secret Charges and The Patriot Act in Action
03/03/2009 08:28:16Former Accused Iraqi Agent Reveals - Facts about 9/11 Warning
03/02/2009 07:30:08Enough of Everything but Dollars - The Money Party at Work
02/28/2009 10:01:46A Modest Proposal - An Iraqi Vote on Troop Withdrawal
02/22/2009 10:13:40Too Little Too Late? The Money Party at Work
02/07/2009 09:53:32Economic Disaster - Are You Next?
01/19/2009 11:14:12Feds Drop Case Against Accused Iraqi Agent
01/11/2009 08:04:57Ratings Rule in Obama's "Virtual" Cabinet
01/07/2009 05:19:35Seating Franken and Burris - Memo to the U.S. Senate: Try Following the Rules
08/17/2008 20:15:53Israel ready to annihilate 70 million Iranians
08/17/2008 19:39:12Michael Collins: An Interview with Vincent Bugliosi - Part 1
07/24/2008 13:09:59Michael Collins: Election Fraud and Tyranny - Part 2
07/24/2008 11:27:17Michael Collins: Election Fraud and Tyranny: Part 1
06/27/2008 17:02:58From the People Who Brought Us Judith Miller & George Bush
06/13/2008 05:07:01Bush Political Prisoner Gets Her Day in Court - American Cassandra: Susan Lindauer's Story
05/30/2008 19:14:39Bending Over For Bush
05/17/2008 09:14:42Another Supreme Outrage
02/03/2008 01:16:09Money Party to Citizens: Drop Dead!
01/01/2008 14:19:58I See Dead People
12/27/2007 17:09:01Internet Thought Control Bill Under Fire
03/21/2007 15:30:31Iraqi People to White House - Leave!


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