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Edward Strong Profile Page
Edward Strong



Short bio: Ed Strong is an American dissident, now exiled in France.

He is 23 years old and has been involved in conceptual art projects, club DJing and pirate radio. He is currently immersed in the radical ecology movement.

You can catch him on three different sites: [1] Ed Strong [2] Radical Left [3] Jo Swift

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Edward Strong
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08/13/2007 21:39:07Zeitgeist Zone: Another Day in the Terrordome
08/09/2007 22:48:49Zeitgeist Zone: Bush Crusade - Capitalist 'Follies' - Islamophobia - Andy Warhol
08/07/2007 19:22:37Zeitgeist Zone: Jingoism - Anti-Iran Propaganda - Freedom Myth - Bourgeoisie
08/03/2007 21:26:15Liberals Patronize the Poor
08/03/2007 21:24:28There's No Such Thing as the 'Left' in Mainstream American Politics
08/03/2007 21:05:05American Illusion: The Falseness of Freedom
08/03/2007 21:03:25Minnesota Bridge Collapse: America Is Falling Apart...Literally
08/02/2007 20:51:25Zeitgeist Zone: Bush, Rambo of Arabia - Jekyll, Hyde, Sex & Repression - Bush Wars: The Empire Strikes Out - Oprah & Obama - Bush & Brown
07/31/2007 13:33:59Zeitgeist Zone: Cultural Imperialism - Iraq Soccer - Transexuals - Liberal Empire - Barbie Girls
07/30/2007 22:12:12Zeitgeist Zone: 9/11 Propaganda - Bush Spin - American Ideology - Conditioning - "Daft Punk"
07/29/2007 16:00:55Zeitgeist Zone: Lindsay Lohan - Capitalism - Dog Fighting - G-Spot - Terror Scare
04/24/2007 21:54:07Fear & Loathing in the Conservative Heartland - All Liberals Are Jihadists
02/28/2007 22:28:11The Reality Network News Show
02/20/2007 21:58:20Capitalism Always Contains the Seeds of Fascism
02/16/2007 21:37:04"Britney Spears" - A Modern Morality Tale
02/14/2007 19:27:55Boy George Cries Wolf Again
02/09/2007 17:21:33The Bush Regime's 'Bluff & Bluster' on Iran
02/07/2007 11:34:20The Neocon Nasties: Are They Naive Idealists?
02/03/2007 18:19:24Race Hate Towards Muslims
01/29/2007 23:50:19Work & Exploitation: Same As It Ever Was
01/26/2007 21:21:18American Ideology: Racism Welded to Capitalism
01/24/2007 12:13:44Bush SOTU Speech: Pleading, Whiny Act of Desperation
01/22/2007 12:52:52The White House Hillbillies [Clinton Reloaded]
01/19/2007 00:26:18American Jingoism: The Patriot GameAmerican Jingoism: The Patriot Game
01/16/2007 20:28:40Stoking Hatred Towards Arabs & Muslims
01/15/2007 15:26:07The media will report on Bush's posture, tone of voice, tie color, and attitude - The trivial will be made into the gargantuan


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