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Ed Naha



California-based author Ed Naha likes to consider himself multi-faceted. This is a nice way of saying that he can't hold down a steady job. As a novelist, he has written over twenty-five tomes in the mystery, horror and science fiction genres. (Surprisingly enough, they were all published.) His mystery novel, CRACKING UP, was nominated by the Mystery Writers of America for an Edgar Award in 1992. That he lost is chalked up to prejudice against short men with long hair.

In 1995, he had his revenge, serving as an Edgar judge. He eliminated anyone over five feet six inches tall. As a plumber, he hasn't accomplished a hell of a lot. Naha is also infamous as a rock music and film journalist. A former columnist for THE NEW YORK POST, his work appeared with alarming frequency in such diverse publications as THE VILLAGE VOICE, ROLLING STONE, PLAYBOY, HEAVY METAL, THE TWILIGHT ZONE and SCIENCE DIGEST. Eventually, they got wise to him.

In 1976, he produced the LP, GENE RODDENBERRY: INSIDE STAR TREK for CBS. That same year, he was presented with a Gold Record for his A&R co-ordination of the album, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: BORN TO RUN. Turning to screen writing in the 1980s, he has written and sold over thirty scripts. His best known features are HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS, DOLLS and TROLL. Imagine what the worst ones were. He's written and/or produced 90 hours of television including two seasons of THE ADVENTURES OF SINBAD as well as HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS.

He has since been pardoned. Once Bush was anointed, he returned to his early political leanings and launched an Internet screed. People now consider him

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