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Dave Lindorff



Award-winning investigative reporter Dave Lindorff has been working as a journalist for 33 years. A regular columnist for CounterPunch (www.counterpunch.org), he also writes frequently for Extra! (www.fair.org) and Salon magazine (www.salon.com), as well as for Businessweek, The Nation and Treasury&Risk Management Magazine. In the late 1970s, he ran the Daily News bureau covering Los Angeles County government, and in the mid-'90s, spent several years as a correspondent in Hong Kong and China for Businessweek. Over the years he has written for such publications as Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, Village Voice, Forbes, The London Observer and the Australian National Times.

Author, with Barbara Olshansky, of The Case for Impeachment: Legal Arguments for Removing President George W. Bush from Office (St. Martin's Press, June 2006), he is also the author of three earlier books--This Can't Be Happening! Resisting the Disintegration of American Democracy (Common Courage Press, 2004), Marketplace Medicine: The Rise of the For Profit Hospital Chains (Bantam, 1992), an investigative report on the for-profit hospital industry, and Killing Time: An Investigation into the Death Row Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal (Common Courage Press, 2003), the only independent examination of this important capital case.

A two-time Fulbright Scholar (Shanghai, China and Kaohsiung, Taiwan), he is a 1975 graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and received a B.A. in Chinese in 1972 from Wesleyan University. In October 2004, he was awarded a coveted "Most Censored Story of 2003" award by Project Censored (for his Oct. 16, 2003 story in Salon about the Pentagon's quiet efforts to gear up the machinery for a return to the draft). A founding member of the National Writers Union, and a member of the steering committee of the NWU Philadelphia local, for the past nine years, he has lived with his family just outside Philadelphia.

In addition to writing, Lindorff is an accomplished folk musician (guitar, vocals and saw).

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Dave Lindorff
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08/07/2009 06:29:14David Brooks' White Guy Nightmare: What If All Westerners Were Suddenly Sterile?
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06/07/2009 19:20:59What Makes Sense for Health Care Makes Sense for Autos: Car Industry Needs Public Option Too
06/06/2009 06:07:19What Makes Sense for Health Care Makes Sense for Cars: Auto Industry Nees a Public Option Too
06/04/2009 04:02:52Abortion Doctor is a Victim of America's `Taliban'
06/04/2009 03:48:50Sotomayor's Problem isn't being Too Latina; It's Having Hung with White Suits Too Long
06/01/2009 22:12:22Maybe the US Prison System Should Take Lessons from Guantanamo
05/29/2009 05:23:45Land of the Weak and Home of the Wussy
05/24/2009 03:42:16Where's the Goddamn Outrage: When It Comes to Labor Laws, We Have a Corporate Crime Wave?
05/21/2009 08:32:39Caught in a Lie: US Uses Phosphorus Weapons in Afghanistan
05/21/2009 08:16:13On Torture and War, Obama Sounds Increasingly, and Disturbingly, Like Bush
05/18/2009 20:39:43Captains of Industry Don't Go Down with the Ship
05/14/2009 20:06:051-2-3 What Are We Fighting For? The War Crimes Song-and-Dance Routine
05/14/2009 19:17:50The Obama Administration is Becoming a Stand-Up Comedy Act
04/29/2009 21:31:51Sen. Specter Joins Dems, Puts Party on the Spot
04/26/2009 06:41:01Free John Walker Lindh, Bush's and Cheney's First Torture Victim!
04/26/2009 05:44:17Are US Members of Congress (and Maybe Even the President) Being Blackmailed?
04/26/2009 05:35:36Torturing Judge Bybee: Make Him Eat His Own Words
04/23/2009 20:27:15Credit Where Credit is Due, But What's This "Enemies" BS?
04/20/2009 00:26:30Obama, Seeing Darkness, Conjures Up the Mists of Time
04/15/2009 03:27:17America is Simply Losing It Folks
04/13/2009 05:48:03America's Imperial Wars: We Need to See the Sickening Reality
04/09/2009 03:32:48Politicized Accounting: No End to the Scams
04/04/2009 07:26:05President Obama: Small `Change' and the Mendacity of `Hope'
03/30/2009 08:34:51History Lesson: And These Are the People We Expect to Fix Things Now?
03/28/2009 13:45:51Insurance Industry is Simply a Parasite Feeding on the US Health System
03/26/2009 20:33:41Insurance Industry is Simply a Parasite Feeding on the US Health System
03/25/2009 20:24:06Treasury and the Fed Don't Need New Powers, They Need to Use the Power They Have
03/24/2009 16:58:15Obama Administration Careening Towards Disaster (and Taking the Country With It)
03/21/2009 09:41:07Obama's Moment is Passing Quickly
03/21/2009 08:23:44Now We Can See Why Open Government Is the Only Way to Go
03/19/2009 06:17:05Hitch-Hiker's Guide to a Better Society: Bring Back the Thumb!
03/11/2009 12:07:19Business Rules: No Democracy, No Decency, No Unions
03/10/2009 10:21:57Kiss the Banks Goodbye and Refocus on Rebuilding the American People
03/07/2009 08:57:27Kiss the Banks Goodbye and Refocus on Rebuilding the American People
03/04/2009 21:53:27Obama and Holder Must Prosecute War Crimes or Become Guilty of Them Themselves
02/28/2009 09:46:53Obama's Address: Smooth? Yes. Transformative? No.
02/28/2009 09:30:40America's Stupid Health Care Debate: Keeping Some Ideas Off the Table
02/21/2009 09:54:28Whatever Happened to Antitrust?
02/14/2009 17:12:55Why Can Sen. Judd Gregg See What Obama Can’t?
02/06/2009 23:00:00Gloomy Outlook from Business Experts
02/02/2009 05:08:13The Ugly Truth: America's Economy is Not Coming Back
01/31/2009 09:56:13Wake Up Obama: Afghanistan is No Threat to America
01/26/2009 14:26:33The Way Forward on Holding the Bush/Cheney Administration Accountable
01/24/2009 07:14:49The Way Forward on Holding the Bush/Cheney Administration Accountable
01/21/2009 06:27:00This Land Really IS Made for You and Me
01/17/2009 08:54:01Obama and Congress Must Act to Restore the Constitution
01/15/2009 20:10:24Only Rats Get Fat as Misdirected Bailout and Stimulus Funds go Down the Rat Hole
01/12/2009 15:54:27Israel's Gaza Atrocities Recall America's Atrocities in Vietnam
01/11/2009 08:16:19Time for Obama and Us to Face the Economic and Political Music
01/07/2009 06:21:00When It Comes to Terrorism and POW Cases, Equal Justice Under the Law is a Joke
01/04/2009 09:56:562009 is Starting Off with a Shameful and Criminal Bang
12/29/2008 08:35:56Will `Tough Guy' Dick Cheney Cop Out as Usual and Take a Pardon?
12/21/2008 17:06:09White House Lied About Iraqi Yellowcake Buy, But That’s Not the Biggest Scandal
12/21/2008 15:35:02Prosecuting Bush and Cheney for Torture: No One Can Be Above the Law
12/16/2008 11:38:59Muntadar al-Zaidi Did What We Journalists Should Have Done Long Ago
12/13/2008 22:32:14Workers of America: Wake Up! We All Need a Union!
12/08/2008 07:44:13A Car Dealer Explains Why the Bailout is a Raw Deal
12/07/2008 20:19:30A Tale of Two Terror Attacks
12/01/2008 23:14:35Does Anybody Else Think Getting America Shopping Again is Crazy Talk?
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11/14/2008 12:05:35Obama's First Big Mistake on the Job: Rescuing Sen. Joe Lieberman
11/14/2008 10:25:18Too Big to Fail' Has an Easy Answer: Anti-Trust or Public Control
11/10/2008 15:24:28President-Elect Obama and Getting the Change We Deserve
11/08/2008 23:03:25President-Elect Obama and Getting the Change We Deserve
11/02/2008 14:55:24The End is at Hand (to Leftist Conspiracy Theories)
10/01/2008 08:25:27Surprise! Congress Listened to the Voting Public!
09/28/2008 14:16:22What Nobody's Saying: The Bailout Will Kill the Dollar
09/04/2008 18:47:17Remembering When the Government Was at Least Approachable
08/17/2008 11:02:27Shoot Your Friends First: The Cheney Doctrine
08/14/2008 03:23:45We're a Nation of Lemmings
08/06/2008 13:29:26I Was a Victim of the Government’s Absurd and Over-Hyped War on Terro
07/24/2008 12:28:48Torture for the Torturers
07/21/2008 11:39:01Paul Krugman and Blindness About the War and the Economy
07/09/2008 02:17:05Paul Krugman and Blindness About the War and the Economy
06/27/2008 09:11:27Keeping America Safe from Child "Terrorists"
06/18/2008 22:48:13Killing the News in Iraq: Justifying the Unjustifiable
06/18/2008 15:56:20Ducking Impeachment in Congress and the Newsroom
06/13/2008 04:02:40Oil, Israel, Iran, America and the High Cost of a Single War-Like Remark
06/07/2008 22:05:59Whiners, Poor Losers and Why Hillary Shouldn't Be Barack's VP
06/02/2008 22:46:59Talk is Cheap, Even with Enemies, and By the Way, Rivals Aren't Enemies
05/30/2008 12:57:57Rice's Lies About Torture
05/17/2008 09:48:52Want Cheaper Gas and Oil? End the Damned Wars!
05/09/2008 23:53:40The Democratic Presidential Race: A View from Pennsylvania
02/03/2008 00:58:55Capitol Crime of the Century: Time for Congress to Stand Up
02/01/2008 00:32:13This Campaign's a B-Movie with a B List of Characters
01/23/2008 13:53:24The Bush Dollar Trap
01/10/2008 02:08:51Bad News from New Hampshire, Good News from Maine
01/10/2008 00:35:49What is This "Iranian Provocation" BS?
01/08/2008 09:05:139-11 Cover-Up, Treason and The Bomb
01/04/2008 21:33:59Clinton's Embarrassing Flop in Iowa Exposes Dem Leaders' Folly
01/04/2008 09:26:32Tipping Point on Impeachment is ApproachingTipping Point on Impeachment is Approaching
01/03/2008 10:41:45One-Man March on Washington Stops in Philly, Meets Local Activists...and Cops
12/31/2007 19:32:46Breaking: Corporate Media Actually Report Some Real News!
12/23/2007 20:22:18Global Warming Will Save America from the Right...Eventually
12/22/2007 09:36:40Power of the People Forces Corporate Media to Do the Right Thing
12/22/2007 00:24:27Ya Gotta Love Those Tough Democrats in Congress
12/19/2007 12:58:52Impeachment Advocates Crush Server, But Still No Reports in the Corporate Media
12/19/2007 12:35:19Corporate Media Means No Real News
12/16/2007 12:24:14Three House Judiciary Members Call for Impeachment of Cheney NOW
12/16/2007 09:38:56Imagine a Campaign that Called for Slashing Military Spending by 75%
12/10/2007 00:30:23Just Give Us Some Truth!
12/07/2007 01:49:27Black is White. And (for Bush at Least) No Nukes is Bad News
12/03/2007 22:52:38Maureen Faulkner and Mumia: Vengeance Isn't Sweet
11/30/2007 09:41:34News Not Fit to Print: US Coup Planned for Venezuela?
11/22/2007 22:03:19Impeachment on the Thanksgiving Table: McClellan's Dish
11/22/2007 21:30:33The Mystery of Minot: Loose nukes and a cluster of dead airmen raise troubling questions
11/21/2007 14:11:45Rumors of (More) War: US Attack on Iran Gains Credence
11/21/2007 11:01:32Democrats Face a Shock in November '08: They Could Lose
11/17/2007 16:13:59Two Brothers and Two Scandals
11/14/2007 16:34:55This Revolution Could Be Televised on Fox
11/14/2007 09:57:45I Saw a UFO, Too
11/05/2007 22:00:01More Questions About the Minot Nukes
11/04/2007 15:18:39Growing Fears of a US Attack on Iran, and an Easy Way to Stop It
11/04/2007 14:09:16The Air Force Cover-Up of That Minot-Barksdale Nuke Missile Flight
10/28/2007 10:43:11Home of the Brave?
10/28/2007 10:34:41About Those Destroyed Houses in California
10/25/2007 13:49:44Were Those Cruise Missiles Targeted? Did Anybody Check?
10/22/2007 23:02:58This is Sen. Chris Dodd's Make-or-Break Moment
10/20/2007 18:42:24Nukes Over America: All a Stupid Mistake. Sure It Was
10/20/2007 13:00:48The difference between the Republicans in Congress and the Democrats in Congress is striking.
10/17/2007 16:03:27An Iraqi Point of View on American Tactics in Iraq
10/15/2007 10:50:44Something's Rotten in Iraq and the Pentagon
10/13/2007 00:46:49Can the Democratic Party be Saved?
10/09/2007 23:43:53What are Progressives Waiting For?
10/07/2007 21:15:04October 5: A Good Day for Liberty and the Constitution
10/06/2007 01:45:31Bush and Torture
10/04/2007 19:23:38Making Iraq into Vietnam
09/27/2007 23:17:23Why Quitting the Party Makes Sense
09/26/2007 21:56:55Senators Kyl and Lieberman and their Stealth War Authorization
09/25/2007 22:01:04Send the Democrats a Message: Join Cynthia McKinney and Me and Be a Quitter!
09/24/2007 17:20:26Why Aren't We Banning Blackwater Here?
09/15/2007 15:01:13How Stupid Does Bush Think We Are? Answer: Very
09/10/2007 21:58:19This was No Accident: Nuclear Weapons are Different
09/10/2007 12:22:51Was That Nuclear-Armed B-52 Flight Destined for Iran?
09/05/2007 10:48:03Beware the Wounded Beast: Bush Has Lost the Iraq War
08/30/2007 22:47:42Keeping a Lid on a Hot Story? NASA Scientists Challenge Security Rules
08/29/2007 21:35:52Attacking Iran Would be Madness, and a Capital Crime
08/28/2007 13:16:05Gonzo's Gone. Now Let's Go After Cheney
08/22/2007 23:56:32Class Struggle and Revolution Take Wing in America
08/20/2007 14:44:30Pelosi's Stand on Impeachment is Killing the Democratic Party
08/20/2007 13:37:13Tossing Fuel on a Fire: US Military Aid to Israel Tops $30 Billion
08/17/2007 00:20:23Conviction of Padilla is Bad News for All Americans — Including Journalists
08/16/2007 00:59:30Terrorist Nation? It Takes One to Know One
08/13/2007 21:29:29Dennis Kucinich: Desapparacido!
08/07/2007 19:28:08Gelding Congress: House Censure Would be the Final Cut of the Knife
08/06/2007 17:19:30Tomasky on Impeachment: The Dumbest Advice the Democrats Ever Got
08/05/2007 11:50:41A Sad Day? How About a Sad Six-and-a-Half Years?
08/03/2007 21:38:25Democrats are Reverting to Form
08/01/2007 11:55:31Lindorff Silenced?
07/28/2007 01:02:41Office Arrests: The Shame of John Conyers
07/28/2007 00:56:24Martial Law Threat is Real
07/23/2007 13:50:39Democrats are their Own Worst Enemies
07/20/2007 09:20:52America at War: Killing Cabbies in Iraq
07/18/2007 10:29:14Feingold Turns to Dross
07/15/2007 10:34:53Bill Moyers Puts Impeachment On the Media Table
07/12/2007 17:23:23Impeachment Countdown: Are Bush and Cheney Starting to Lose Sleep?
07/10/2007 09:58:59On the Road for Impeachment
07/05/2007 10:35:13Pelosi's Sinking Fortunes
06/29/2007 10:42:20Congress Needs to Stop Playing in Bush's Court
06/27/2007 14:59:14Nancy & Harry: Bringing Down the House (and Senate)
06/23/2007 10:02:23Bush's Incredible Shrinking "Coalition"
06/22/2007 18:08:34 Iraqi Labor Leaders Blame US for the Bloodshed in Iraq and say Get Out!
06/19/2007 13:52:14Democrats in Congress: The Wheels are Coming Off
06/14/2007 20:38:08Cheney Impeachment Watch: Now There Are Eight
06/13/2007 11:19:58Congressional Failure and the Democrats' Last Chance
06/12/2007 09:17:21Things Your Media Mama Didn't Tell You
06/08/2007 18:39:54Impeachment on a Roll
06/05/2007 08:01:11Conyers is my Constitutional Hero
05/30/2007 07:49:50Whatever Happened to Signing Statements?
05/29/2007 16:02:29Democratic Blood Money
05/22/2007 22:35:40A Widening Chasm Between House Democrats and the Voters on Impeachment
05/20/2007 10:06:22Mumia Case on Hold as Appellate Judges Deliberate
05/16/2007 08:21:04Justice System on Trial as Mumia Case Reaches Climax
05/15/2007 08:33:58Impeach this President, or Remove the Impeachment Clause
05/10/2007 11:09:33Pelosi's Toothless Threat to Sue Bush Imperils the Constitution
05/10/2007 02:55:32Bush Falling Fortunes, Rising Oil Futures, and Lame Democrats
05/09/2007 11:51:51Time for MoveOn to Make a MoveOn Impeachment!
05/08/2007 12:02:37The Great Oil Robbery
05/04/2007 10:43:53The Impeachment Train is Starting to Roll.
05/02/2007 10:48:42Four Years After May 1, 2003: Are We Winning Yet?
04/30/2007 15:39:23Mainstream American Journalism: An Obituary
04/26/2007 11:26:46Dropping the First Shoe: Kucinich submits impeachment bill against Cheney
04/20/2007 21:34:26Huge Win for Impeachment in Vermont
04/19/2007 20:55:21Impeaching Cheney First. Finally!
04/19/2007 12:37:14Betraying Thomas Jefferson
04/19/2007 11:48:04Impeachment Talk: Doonesbury, Dennis and Dick
04/16/2007 10:36:56Bush's Gravest Impeachable Crime
04/12/2007 20:20:48A Terrifying Truth
04/12/2007 15:18:34Rep. Davis to Constituents: Make Me Impeach Bush
04/11/2007 22:11:56Torture Blowback and Selective Outrage
04/11/2007 20:25:56158 Democrats Gone, and Counting (Take That You Weasels)!
03/31/2007 10:39:12I Quit! A Movement of One, Or Maybe a Million
03/29/2007 14:28:50Oil Traders Fear US Attack on Iran: Maybe We Should Too
03/27/2007 13:16:39Why Dick and Nancy Will Never be President via Impeachment
03/24/2007 10:50:22Abu-Jamal Hearing Date Set by Third Circuit Court of Appeals
03/17/2007 13:38:34Democrats' Calls for Resignations are Pointless Diversions
03/13/2007 11:22:45What's Good for Halliburton (and Cheney) is Good for...Dubai
03/09/2007 21:44:09Bush Dodges a Constitutional Bullet in New Mexico
03/09/2007 09:21:10Through the Looking Glass in Iraq
03/06/2007 21:09:05Libbygate: Now to the Real Story
02/27/2007 13:20:14A Message to Washington State Legislators (and to those in VT, NM and elsewhere)
02/27/2007 13:09:06Bush is Funding al-Qaeda, Making Him an Unlawful Combatant
02/15/2007 19:40:54Co-Dependent Congress Must Wake Up: The President Needs a Straight-Jacket and a Padded Cell
02/13/2007 09:10:39A word of caution on US claims of Iranian weapons killing GIs
02/08/2007 16:27:22Truth or Consequences: Some Questions for President Bush
02/06/2007 14:38:32Borat Goes to Washington: Don't Experiment with the US Economy
02/01/2007 00:13:51This is like Hitler's Suicide Order from the Bunker
01/30/2007 00:01:19Impeachment: The Missing Word on the Stage in D.C. Last Weekend--But Not On The Street!
01/26/2007 21:44:22Why We Must Have Impeachment
01/25/2007 09:40:55Falling Dominos and Failing Presidencies
01/23/2007 23:28:49We're Takin' It To the Street January 27!
01/21/2007 12:24:08Was Iraq War a `Blunder' or Was It Treason?
01/19/2007 01:21:29What Do They Think We Are, Idiots?
01/16/2007 20:45:59Death Watch in the Persian Gulf and Washington
01/15/2007 22:05:49Ignoring Global Warming and Our Children: Are We All Simply Mad?
01/14/2007 10:28:48Of Geese,Ganders and Loons
01/11/2007 12:03:08No Blood For Face!
01/10/2007 12:56:37There is no Justification for Delay in Stopping the War and Starting Impeachment Hearings
01/07/2007 21:20:24Democrats are Reverting to Form
12/23/2006 12:32:37Crime of the Century: Are Bush & Cheney Planning Early Attack on Iran?
12/20/2006 13:59:53Sell-Out Democrats Have Walked into a Bush Trap on Iraq
12/20/2006 02:43:04Sinister Cabal Takes Over Washington
12/16/2006 17:19:18Innocents Abroad: US Cracks Down on Guantanamo Detainees, Most of Whom aren't Terrorists
12/16/2006 03:28:46Democratic Control of the Senate is a Double-Edged Sword
12/12/2006 05:48:41Torture, Impeachment and a Vietnam Veteran's Tears
12/08/2006 14:25:37A Congress of Whores and Pipsqueaks
12/06/2006 14:14:15Abu-Jamal Case at Third Circuit, Prosecutor Admits He Had No "True Defense"
12/02/2006 09:05:54Fighting the Iraq War...at Home
11/21/2006 14:45:59Congress Should Immediately Terminate the 2001 AUMF
11/16/2006 17:35:13Let Lieberman Go; He's an Albatross
11/15/2006 01:01:09First Real Test for Democrats: The Lame Duck Session of Congress
11/13/2006 04:42:41Impeach for Change Kicks off National Campaign
11/10/2006 03:18:01National Impeachment Movement this Saturday in Philadelphia!
11/09/2006 18:39:49What Vote-Theft Conspiracy?
11/08/2006 14:37:14Election Postmortem: What's Next?
11/06/2006 14:29:26It's Election Eve, Do You Know Where Your Country Is?
11/04/2006 02:25:53Philly Inquirer: Making Biased News out of Mole Hills
11/02/2006 11:50:08Kerry and Bush: The Joke's on Us
10/25/2006 15:16:26Why Nancy Pelosi Has it Wrong on Impeachment
10/24/2006 11:57:39Let's March in January! An Impeachment Call to Action
10/23/2006 13:01:00Time for Truth and Consequences
10/18/2006 12:36:25Bush's Middle East Strategy, and Presidency, Lie in Ruins as Republicans Scurry Away
10/11/2006 12:41:36U.S. Military Has Killed Up to 238,000 Iraqi Civilians
10/10/2006 10:37:50BREAKING NEWS: Eisenhower Carrier Group Sails for Iran Theater


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