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Daan de Wit



Daan de Wit is the author of The Next War - The Attack on Iran: A Preview. The book has 288 pages and 1650 unique footnotes.
It is written in Dutch - Lemniscaat Publishers.

Daan is a freelance writer. He writes for the NOS News website and for his own website: DeepJournal.com
Previously he was an editor for the Foreign News Desk of the NOS Journaal (Dutch tv news) and an editor and reporter for several other journalistic tv-programs.
In 1995 Dutch native Daan de Wit graduated from the Tilburg School of Journalism after which he started a career as a television journalist, focussing on the making of the documentary Skull & Bones for Dutch television. That documentary was censored upon release in 1999 and another edit had to be made.

His website DeepJournal has a free mailing list, announcing new original articles.

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Daan de Wit
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