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Chris Martenson



Dr. Chris Martenson... ... is the creator of The End of Money economic seminar series, has extensive experience analyzing and communicating financial information, and publishes a weekly newsletter on the economy and finance (located at http://theendofmoney.com). Dr. Martenson combines a scientist's attention to fact and analysis (PhD, Duke University, Pathology and Toxicology) with a solid understanding of finance and economics (MBA, Cornell, Finance) with strategic thinking (4 years as a management consultant).

He believes that corporate media has done a singularly poor job at providing the context necessary for us to have an informed discussion about economic issues. He believes that DC politicians cannot distinguish between what is urgent and what is merely expedient. He believes that We The People must educate ourselves and start a grassroots campaign, which will be as important as any ever waged, to chart a course back to fiscal and monetary prudence.

He believes that our current economic system has a gigantic and possibly fatal math problem

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Chris Martenson
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