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Burton H. Wolfe



Burton H. Wolfe, is the author of hundreds of articles published in many parts of the world and of books such as The Hippies (New American Library), Hitler and the Nazis (Putnam), Pileup on Death Row (Doubleday), The Christianity Racket (World Audience Publishers), No Lawyer Necessary (Mind Opening Books), and Lucifer's Dictionary of the American Language (Mind Opening Books). For further tion consult Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in California, Outstanding Intellectuals of the Twentieth Century, The Dictionary of International Biography, Contemporary Authors, and authorsden.com.  

Or, if you wish to get a ton of information about BHW, do a Google search by typing "Burton H. Wolfe" into the search field - but caution: some of the information is inaccurate and so, before any of it is used, you should write to Wolfe, bhwolfe(at)msn.com, to check on it. For links on ordering books by Wolfe, go to the web site of Mind Opening Books, to be found at http://mindopeningbooks.com.

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